Silent-Yachts sold the fourth flagship solar catamaran

The construction of the first three 24-foot catamarans are ocean-going solar-powered SILENT 79 Austrian shipyard Silent-Yachts started in November last year. Since then, the model managed to grow up to 1 foot (0.3 meters) and to change the name to SILENT 80, and in the workshops, shipyards, construction began on the fourth side.

Now they all found their future owners, each of whom repented not to give the “green” catamaran is a slow mover over €4.27 million, All four sides will be handed over to the owners in 2020.

“For me, this boat is a great synthesis of form and function. I want to promote the concept of solar sailing, I want people to see the elegance of the concept, not just its practicality,” says the future owner of the building № 1 from South Africa, co-founder of Mimecast, working in the field of information security, Neil Murray (Neil Murray).

The main highlight of all Silent-Yachts — potentially the ability to walk at all without using fuel. And if so, the boats are virtually no restrictions on the range of Autonomous navigation. More precisely, it begins to depend on supplies of fresh water (full tank 1,000 litres) and food, but not the need from time to time to refuel.

The concept of the SILENT 80 invented by company founder Michael Koehler (Michael Köhler). For the naval architecture answered Blinked Amedeo (Amedeo Migal) from MICAD. Marco Casali (Marco Casali) of Too Design Studio has designed the exterior and interior.

Solar-powered catamaran — quiet and unhurried. According to köhler at a maximum speed of 18-20 knots can be “off” except that a couple of minutes. But at cruise speed from 6-7 to 12 knots, the catamaran will be able to pass a decent 100 nautical miles a day.

Inside SILENT 80 designed so that the owner and guests, which are likely to be on Board for months, feel comfortable and happy. The interior is styled in a nautical style and is minimalistic, ergonomic, discreet, and at the same time luxury and “perfected”.

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