Adventures of the Linda Catamaran


      Adventures of the Linda Catamaran
      We bring to your attention two posts published on the Marina Zhegulo Facebook page, or the Story that miracles sometimes happen!

Adventures of the Linda Catamaran

First post. Marina Zhegulo is with Vadim K. and 5 more in Casablanca. March 26 at 17:20 •

For six days at sea we went full of hopes to drop into Casablanca this morning for fuel and water and to rest at least at night.

Everyone is aware of quarantine, but no one was going to leave the ship, I just wanted to refuel and sleep a little.

But it was not there:]

We were solemnly met by the Moroccan warship, the dialogue with him was incomparable:

– Your ship, the purpose of the visit?

– Catamaran Bali Linda, rest, go to Mallorca, you only want to refuel.

– In connection with the coronavirus, all ports are closed, you can not enter.

– Even refuel? Then are we leaving?

– Go 4 miles from the shore and wait for the escort ship.

We marveled at the logic of the military to go further, but wait for the accompanying. This word directly inspired hope, escort, it directly smelled of land and shore.
But all in vain. We are slowly but surely moving away towards Gibraltar, and the Moroccan military accurately escorts us there. If only we wouldn’t turn to the shore :]

Posted by Elvira Kuehn

The second post. Marina Zhegulo with Vadim K. and another 5.2 h.

After a failed call to Casablanca, the coastguard drove us 4 miles offshore.

After 30 minutes, the Corvette of the Royal Navy of Morocco approached us. Set the course and speed.
He took an interest in the condition of the crew, the reserves of provisions, and fuel. He lay down in a parallel course and accompanied us 2 days to Gibraltar.

He got in touch every hour, was interested in the condition of the crew, good spirits, showed all sorts of signs of concern, and protected him from ships passing by.

Last night, I requested information about the capacity of fuel tanks and the remnants of a diesel engine. And then the tenderness and joy of the crew knew no bounds.

– Catamaran Linda, prepare the “dinghy” and approach our board for loading fuel. We have prepared for you 550 liters of diesel, this should fill your tanks “with a pea”.

Royal Navy Morocco – Love.

We enter the Mediterranean Sea from the North Atlantic through the Strait of Gibraltar.

The mood is fighting, the crew is cheerful. We read with sympathy the posts and comments of all those who, against their will, were deprived of their freedom of movement and locked up in apartments. Hold on, we are with you!

PS: At the time of leaving the Canary Islands on March 15, there were no prohibitions from the authorities. The police officers took us on our way, letting us go to the store and replenish our supplies.

At the moment, more than 900 liters of fuel, provisions – to feed a small town under siege for more than a month. Most of the journey — over 800 miles — has already been completed. We go to Mallorca in the home marina, keep in touch with them.

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