Three decks and a TRANS Atlantic on a single tank: a revolutionary catamaran Yachts from Amasea

Amasea Yachts is a new brand in the market of multi-hull motor yachts, pereosmyslenie the traditional concept of the catamaran. The company introduced its first model, the 25-metre Amasea 84.

Amasea 84 built out of aluminum instead of traditional for this type of boat fiberglass and is able to cross the Atlantic on one tank.

For the design and naval architecture of the project met albert Nazarov (Albert Nazarov) — an authority on high-speed catamarans. On Board Amasea 84 there is plenty of space for storage to remain at sea for up to six weeks without feeling the need to replenish reserves.

“I decided to go back to the drawing Board when searched the market for a catamaran with a length of 20-25 m, to travel the world, but couldn’t find what I wanted. All the deals were expensive, with limited options for personalization of the interiors and usually not decorated with the highest quality materials,” says the founder of Amasea Yachts Jack Wiant (Jack Wijnants).

Unlike most classmates, the firstborn from Amasea Yachts there is a third deck and maintenance crew.

The presence of “extra” deck provides great flexibility in terms of layout. For example, the master Suite can be on main or lower decks. The unit is equipped with two galleys: one specifically designed for guests and the other smaller for the crew. The manufacturer promises to show flexibility in matters of interior decoration that can be personalised in accordance with the wishes of the owner.

The vessel is of 25.45 meters of 10.98 meters, draft — 1,79 meters. As the power plant uses two diesel engines MTU 10V 2000 (1 920 HP each).

For the manufacture of Amasea Yachts catamarans will open its own shipyard in Turkey.

The first building will be completed in 18-20 months. In the future construction time will be reduced to 13-16 months. The production limit of seven units per year, thereby ensuring the exclusivity of each instance.

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