A reality show about yachting!

Four teams – the future participants of the 36th of the Cup “America” – one after another showed the fans their yachts АС75. What is the fifth command – Stars+Stripes, representing the yacht club of long beach in California? About it for a long time nothing was heard – maybe even going to quit the game?

Not an idle question – not least because the team on the West coast of the United States joined the fight at the last moment, literally the day before the deadline, and from the beginning experienced the most severe lack of funds. However, rumors of the imminent death Stars+Stripes, has repeatedly appeared in the press, were “somewhat exaggerated”. Alive, alive – and even builds a boat АС75. However, unlike the other four teams, only one. Two money is not scraped.

And here’s sensational news: in the near future the financial position of the Stars+Stripes can be improved – significantly. There will be no shortage of news about what’s happening in the team. For the simple reason that soon on the screens of America there will be a new reality show – especially yachting, dedicated to the preparation and participation of the Stars+Stripes in the draw for the 36th America’s Cup. What is a signed agreement between the bosses of the team and one of the largest entertainment companies – Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE).

What is this “one of the largest” CNE attracted some impoverished team? Just the fact that she is impoverished. But – young, energetic. Has set itself the most that neither is a Patriotic goal: to play for the Stars & Stripes should be exclusively citizens of the United States. And not just to act, but in the end, after a year and a half to win the Cup. This will be to tell (or rather show) new reality show.

P. S. We for this reason can only envy – the black envy. Could it be in Russia is that in one of the Central TV channels appeared regularly program, where sailors are the main characters?

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