Reality show about yachtsmen!

October 9, 2019

      Reality show about yachtsmen!
      Four teams – future participants in the 36th draw of the America Cup – one after another, demonstrated their fans their AC75 yachts. And what about the fifth team – Stars + Stripes, representing the yacht club of the city of Long Beach in California? For a long time nothing was heard about her – maybe she was going to leave the game?

Reality show about yachtsmen!

The question is not idle – if only because the team from the west coast of the USA entered the fight at the very last moment, literally a day before the deadline, and from the very beginning experienced a severe lack of funds. However, rumors about the imminent death of Stars + Stripes, which repeatedly appeared in the press, were "somewhat exaggerated." Alive, alive – and even builds an AC75 boat. True, unlike four other teams, only one. They didn’t scrape together for two money.

And then the sensational news: in the near future, the financial position of Stars + Stripes may improve – and significantly. There will be no shortage of news about what is happening in the team. For the simple reason that soon a new reality show will appear on American television screens – a purely yacht show dedicated to the preparation and participation of Stars + Stripes in the draw for the 36th America Cup. What the agreement was signed about – between the bosses of the team and one of the largest entertainment companies – Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE).

What attracted this “one of the largest” CNEs to some midnight team? Just the fact that she is midnight. But – young, energetic. It has set itself the most patriotic goal: only US citizens should play for Stars & Stripes. And not just perform, but in the end, after a year and a half to win the Cup. This is what the new reality show will talk about (or rather, show).

P.S. We can only envy about this – black envy. Could it be in Russia that a program regularly appears on one of the central television channels where yachtsmen are the main characters?

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