Stefania Elfwine: “the RS:X has outlived its usefulness”

Longtime leader of the national team of Russia on Windsurfing commented the press service of the WFTU the Commission’s recommendation, World Sailing (we wrote about this yesterday) to change the Olympic class sailing Board: instead of the RS:X to choose the Starboard iFoil:

“I am for changes and updates, because the RS:X, of course, has already exhausted itself. A lot of negativity in relation to equipment and manufacturers. But if the class to replace it for something more worthwhile, that there was not “stocks”. Because to go from one problem to the other – no special meaning.

It is actually already a pretty long walk on the boards with a hydrofoil. They are much faster than normal. But, for example, we have in the RS:X in the weak wind can hold the race in registeruser mode. And Foyle under these conditions just is. But already at 3.5 m/s (7 knots – approx.ed.) he “flies”.

The catch is that the RS:X begins glissirovat in stronger wind, but racing on it can be carried out in weaker, as the Board has a centerboard. Therefore, the RS:X is already at four knots can give the race: it will be slow, we will “swing” to suffer, but the race will be held. And quite a lot of the competitions are held in such conditions. On Foyle when winds are not going. You need a minimum of seven nodes. Whether the organisers hold competitions regularly and without any hitches? If Yes – then great! Because I personally changes. And if all is right, then God forbid that was Foyle”.

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