Missiles and winged sails


      Missiles and winged sails
      We recently wrote about the Komorebi trimaran, which is developing the VPLP design bureau, and which should use OceanWings winged sails. But, as it turned out, the French designers did not stop there.

Missiles and winged sails

The VPLP Bureau has reportedly begun designing its first marine transport vessel using Oceanwings-style cruise sails.

This is a 121-meter RO-RO (Roll on – Roll off) vessel for transporting Ariane 6 space rocket components from Europe to French Guiana. Equipped with four oceanwings-type masts, the boat should have minimal environmental impact.

ArianeGroup, the main contractor for Ariane launch vehicle, has announced a tender to transport various parts of the new Ariane 6 launch vehicle from Europe to the launch pad in Kourou, French Guiana.

The final construction contract was concluded with Alizes, a company specializing in environmentally friendly modes of transport. The VPLP Design Design Bureau was hired by Alises to solve the ship design task called Canope.

One of the main innovations of the vessel was a hybrid propulsion system, which includes three (or four) masts of 30 meters in height, providing a total sail area of ​​1,452 square meters.

These winged sails help the ship's main propulsion system reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by an average of 30%.

A new company called Ayro was created specifically for the specific development goal of Oceanwings.

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