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Those who travel in the boot Düsseldorf to see what’s new for the time elapsed from the previous event, this year was clearly not disappointed as the audience showed a lot of boats of different classes and equipment in all market segments, associated with recreation on the water. One of the innovations that drew attention of the visitors, began jetski Sea-Doo Fish Pro 2019.

Company BRP has expanded the scope of the watercraft is not random: it is known that some of their owners at the same time fans of fishing and even try to adapt their devices for this hobby. But what the initiative, if it can be done in the factory!

Special quality Sea-Doo Fish Pro 2019 — the first and only model aquabike designed for anglers. This SPE-the specifics convincingly demonstrate removable refrigerator (LinQ Fishing Cooler), Chartplotter with picture output from the transducer fishfinding echo sounder (Garmin Echomap 62cv Plus Fish Finder with a display of 6″ with built-in transducer) allowing the fit “sideways” seat of the special shape, the beveled inner side (serves as a convenient rest for the feet), four mobile holder rods, increased aft platform with additional fixtures LinQ for accessories…

And the Trolling Mode is a useful mode of movement of the trolling fishery: by activating it, you can adjust the speed range up to 15 km/h with a simple press of the arrow on the control wheel.

A number of characteristic design features Sea-Doo Fish Pro 2019 inherited from other models with the case of ST3, in the first place — the contours and high stability. Increased aft platform static stability increases, dynamic and with a high deadrise in the bow and 22° at transom and sponsons at the stern provides a sharp cheekbone and the sponsons. Another very important advantage — autonomy. This model has a large fuel tank capacity of 60 liters, which together with the economical atmospheric motor gives a hefty reserve.

Among the obvious advantages of the Sea-Doo Fish Pro 2019 as a tool for fishing include the following:
• thanks to the water cannon can be used on any waters, including shallow;
• allows you to fish in any position, sitting and standing;
• all fishing “functionality” at arm’s length;
• does not require much time to prepare for fishing;
• cheaper than other boats with powerful outboards and when you buy, and in the process of operation.

The only thing at first glance, it causes dissonance, the powerful speakers of the audio system installed on Board the spacecraft (clearly visible in the photos). I can imagine that some fisherman lover, constantly listening to your tunes both on land and on water, but the fishing is good!

  • Comfortable riding position, due in part to the high stability of the device, allows to draw out even a big fish

But, according to the creators, the Sea-Doo Pro 2019 Fish — not a very specialized device. High dynamic performance of the watercraft can use it and just for a fun ride with one or more riders, and to tow a skier or “doughnut”, and as a special high-speed boats, where the songs are more “to the court.” However, sounding over the lake after a successful fishing bravura music would be appropriate.

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