The result, which warms the soul

July 21, 2019

      The result, which warms the soul
      In Sakaiminato (Japan), where the World Championship in the Laser Radial class continues, today there were three races. Which, of course, is a big progress. Recall: on Friday and Saturday due to the vagaries of the weather, it was possible to carry out only the race.

The result, which warms the soul

After three days and five races, Swede Yosefin Olsson from Sweden is still ahead of Sweden – 8 points (with one shot). 6 points her inferior American Riley Page.

As for the two Russians, Ekaterina Zyuzina is in 48th place: 83 points, parishes 17 – (36) – 35 – 25 – 6 (the last result, of course, warms the soul); Valeria Lomatchenko – on the 85th: 142 points, parishes 55 – 15 – 32 – 40 – (57BFD).

Detailed results after five races –

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