Rescue operation in New Zealand

Tragic events unfolded last Monday in 20 miles from the North-East coast of New Zealand is relatively close to Auckland.

A new Zealand yacht with a length of 47 feet (its name in the local media publications not mentioned) returned home after a three-year voyage around the world. On Board were four.

So shortly before finishing his Odyssey, they were in the strongest storm. Gusts of wind up to 60 knots. Waves up to 9 meters. The boat broke down and sank, killing one of the crew members – a famous New Zealand yachtsman, who spoke on “Tornado”, Stuart Pedersen.

The rest moved to rescue a raft which brutally shook at the waves and waited for help. Fortunately, the helicopter arrived fairly quickly. And started to lift the victims on Board.

It’s amazing that in such extreme conditions all managed to rise up in 22 minutes. Health two of the rescued, fortunately, is not in danger. But as the wife of Pedersen – Pamela – was the hardest, now for her life struggling in the hospital.

Sad story, to be sure. At the same time, talking about these events, the press of New Zealand gives the highest ratings to the actions of the crew of a rescue helicopter. The fact that in a severe storm all managed to bring on Board – really worth it!

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