The finale of the Star Sailors League: new faces in the top five for the second day of qualifying

On the second day of the qualification races of the Star Sailors League finals, the judges held three races. As expected, in the waters of the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau has preserved the North-East wind, which before, during the last race, fell upon the sailors squall with gusts up to 25 knots. In the morning he stabilized at 12 to 18 knots. The route of the race blazed out of Montague Bay, to protect athletes from the powerful Atlantic waves.

Two of them defeated teams who had not been able to enter even in the top three leaders: during the first start — French Duo of Xavier Roger (Xavier Rohart) and Pierre-Alexis Ponsot (Pierre-Alexis Ponsot), the second time the Brazilians Jorge Zarif (Zarif Jorge) and the Trush Pedro (Pedro Trouche). In the last race of the day the best were Brazilians Lars Grael (Lars Grael) and Samuel Goncalves (Samuel Gonçalves) who successfully repeated the plan that allowed them the day before to win the second race, taking strongly to the right.

“Well, when you have a good plan that you can follow to the finish, to get around opponents and be a little ahead of most. The race was just textbook,” — shared impressions about the first race of Roger.

In the top 5 in the overall ranking has undergone significant changes. The leaders of the first day Robert Sheidt (Robert Scheidt) and Henry Benig (Henry Boening), earned in the first seven races 23 points, swapped with mark Mendelblatt (Mark Mendelblatt) and Brian Fatih (Fatih Brian).

“We are lucky to have such a rival: Robert’s a terrific sailor, a true benchmark. So if you manage to keep up with him, you’re happy,” said Fatih on Shade.

If before, the gap was two points, now reduced to one, but in favor Mendelblatt and Fatiha. And despite the fact that in the first race on this day they came fifteenth, and the second and third — fourth. At the same time, the expense of SATA and Beniga — 2:12:3. The fact that they managed not only to keep among the leaders of the overall ranking, but to improve their situation, became Mendelblatt Fatiha and a big surprise.

“It was a battle for the right to stay in the gleam to leeward,” said Fatih about the day.

On the third place in the overall standings broke Jorge Zarif and Pedro the Trush (31 points), who on the first day was not in the top five. Their team not only won the second race, but showed the best result of the day compared to all other rivals: fourth place, then first and second. According to Zarif, this excellent result was affected by his experience in a class “Finn”.

“In today’s environment can be freely peninsulate. I’m from “Finn”, and on the boat is one of the most important things we do. Today we tried to rock and swing as much as I could, although I had to beat the waves and shift the wheel” — said the sailor.

Zarif and Trush pushed earned in two days 32 points Italian Diego Negri (Negri Diego) and the German Wedge of frithjof (Frithjof Kleen) who had to drop from third to fourth place. Another newcomer in the top 5 at the end of the second day — the owners of 39 points, the Norwegian-American Duo of Melleby Eivind (Eivind Melleby) and Revkin Joshua (Joshua Revkin).

Poles , Kusznierewicz Mateusz (Mateusz Kusznierewicz) and Dominic Sicki (Dominik Zycki) close on the eve of the five leaders, now are the sixers. They have 48 points. A team of American Augie Diaz (Augie Diaz) and Brazilian Bruno Prada (Prada Bruno), who occupied the fourth place, earned by the end of the second day 54 points and is now ninth.

A team of Russian George Shaiduko and Ukrainian Vitaly Kushnir, who missed the first day of competition due to poor health Shaiduko, the second day took 11, 18 and 19 seats out of 25. In the overall ranking they with 126 points while taking 23 place. From taking 22 the Italians Ruggero Tita (Ruggero Tita) and Enrico Voltolini (Enrico Voltolini) they are separated by 6 points.

“Today, all the riders flew in the standings, up and down: Frederick Lef (Fredrik Lööf) finished behind us in the second race, and then five flew and flew the Aussie Hamish pepper (Hamish Pepper) and Croat tonchi, Stipanovic (Tonči Stipanović), and many other guys. Competition is higher. We had problems on the full course, but we are gradually solved. The task of getting a 15 strongest we, unfortunately, do not solve for missing the first day, but will try tomorrow to fulfill and please our fans with good parishes,” promised George Shaiduko.

British-Swedish Duo Iain Percy (Iain Percy) and Anders Ekström (Ekström Anders), on the eve missed all four races on the second day again never came out at the start.

Recall that the ticket to the quarter-finals Srar Sailors League will get 10 of the best crews in the qualifying races. To secure a place in the top, they have another day. Now the 10th place in the ranking scored 56 points Hungarian-Czech crew of Ambora Berets (Zsombor Berecz) and Michael Meier (Michael Meier).

“Ahead of four races. It’s a long way. Let’s see what happens tomorrow,” prefers not to think of Jorge Zarif.

A chance to radically change their position in the standings still have almost all crews.

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