Maybe we can try?

January 1 in the town of Lindi in the South of Tanzania launched an amazing sailing race called the Kraken Cup.

Finish – 8 January on the island of Zanzibar. The whole distance is about 450 kilometers. Overnight on uninhabited Islands. Exotic! The more that the participants go to the boats, which are called ngalawa. Local people go to them for many centuries.

Ngalawa hollowed from the trunk of the mango tree. Body length – 5-6 meters. Width – 50 cm, with outriggers – again 5-6 meters (this is manual work, so the boats differ from each other). And Latin triangular sail with an area of 30-40 sq. m.

The race is very young (the first was held in 2015), but quickly gaining popularity. In the previous regatta, in the summer of 2017, was attended by 7 teams (6 finished), and this time we will start already 22! Each crew of three.

This regatta is for those who love adventure. People cheerful and fun. Here, for example, in the race-2017 won an international crew Mast & the Furious (“Mast & furious”). Why such a name? At the time, popular series of films The Fast and the Furious (“Fast and furious”, in our hire – “fast and furious”) – that remade.

Other crews also imagining things. As you Fiasco de Gama? Or Вackstreet Buoys – like the name of a famous boy band, but the second floor was added one letter and it became “the Buoys of the gate.”

Food for thought: soon, the organizers will begin to accept applications for the race, which will take place next year, at the beginning of 2020. And if we try that? Great vacation can get!

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