“Poltava” will take part in the action “Night of museums”

In the night from 18 to 19 may from 18.00 to 6.00 in the morning the visitors of the dockyard will be able to get on Board linear 54-gun ship “Poltava”. Sailboat fourth time participating in the action, but this year will be special.

The participants of “Night of museums” will be a unique opportunity to watch a sunset and dawn on Board, “Poltava”. Early visitors of the city action saw the only ship in the hangar. Now they will be able to come on deck, go through by real sea ladder and be transported to another era, feeling the sailors of the eighteenth century.

The theme of the “Night of museums” – “Elements.” Guides will tell about the elements of the structure, equipment, design drawings and decor of the ship. Each guide focuses on its own topic but will also mention about the history of Poltava and stages of construction. The Museum will teach visitors to understand the nautical terms, tie knots and set the sails. At the end of the excursion above the waters of the Bay of thunder shot out of a cannon mounted on the shore.

There will be work 11 guides. The number of groups is 15. Duration – 55 minutes.

Pass to Poltava is by a single ticket “Night of museums”, which can be bought in advance or on the spot.

To get to the Wharf is most convenient from the metro station “Begovaya”. During the “Night of museums” between the subway station and the Museum will run two buses. Disembarking passengers will be on the corner of Lakhtinsky Prospekt and Bobyl’sky street. A movement interval – 20 minutes.

Don’t forget that “Poltava” is set on a working shipyard. We recommend you to dress warm and comfortable and waterproof shoes with flat soles.

Oksana family, and the head excursion of the center of shipyard “Poltava”:

– Last year, “Poltava” was attended by 2,200 people. I’m afraid to think, but this time we are expecting more people because the ship is on the water. This is the main feature of the current “Night of museums”. We will show what was built and created over the last five years, the final product. Such a spectacle not to be missed!


Linear 54-gun ship of tier 4 “Poltava” was launched on the city day of St. Petersburg 27 may 2018 Ship “Poltava” is the first linear ship of the Baltic fleet. The ship was named in honor of the Russian victory in the battle of Poltava. Peter “Poltava” was built at the Admiralty shipyards, launched in June 1712 In the design and construction of the ship, Peter I personally participated. The linear ship “Poltava” began to recreate in 2013 on the historic shipbuilding shipyard “Poltava”, founded the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg.

After completion of all construction works, the ship will become the center of a large, modern interactive Museum complex dedicated to the Maritime history of Russia.

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