Give “Fazisi” a new life!

Yuri Rawluszko, who a year ago rescued the famous yacht from destruction, published online letter to the Russian Prime Minister.

Dear Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister!

I appeal to you with a request to assist in the rescue of the domestic sports relics – sailing a racing yacht Fazisi. This yacht being built in Poti (Georgia), representing a result of the joint work of yachtsmen from different Soviet republics (RSFSR, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus) and became unique in the history of the yacht under the Soviet flag, who took part in the famous round the world yacht race with a full crew Whitbread Round the World Race (later known as the Volvo Ocean Race, and today – as the Ocean Race).

After the collapse of the USSR, the yacht was in the hands of Polish owners and was actively used for training young athletes. Caught Fazisi in the Caribbean hurricane nearly destroyed the boat, which wanted to send for scrap.

I saved the Soviet sports relic from the fate prepared for her, buying her and trying to repair the ship as much. But this work – including financial – prohibitive for a private individual. At the same time, both for the public and affiliated government commercial structures need sponsorship costs for the restoration of Fazisi, whether a full reconstruction of the yacht and turning it into a racing training ship for young athletes, or whether the recovery in the view of the ship monument and the installation of anywhere on the waterfront of St. Petersburg – look quite modest.

The revival of the racing legends, in the design of which was attended by one of the famous designers of Leningrad Oleg Larionov, undoubtedly, will strengthen the interest of citizens in our own sporting history, to sailing in General. It appears that in the view of the ship monument, a yacht could be the decoration of the embankment of any of the St. Petersburg yacht club, and would naturally fit into the structure of the Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

Restored in racing form, she’d be able to bring on Board young athletes who dream to compete with the great sailors of the past.

I ask you, Mr Prime Minister, to render me possible help in preserving and restoring this unique sports equipment of the days of our great common country – USSR.

Yuri Rawluszko,
Sailor, formerly a member of the team Fazisi

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