Storm is coming!

That’s what reported our colleagues working on the page, “300 days around the world with Igor Zaretsky” on Facebook:

Regular weather reports, we are not pleased. Igor the storm is coming.

The storm is expected is not an ordinary : waves up to 10 meters, wind 40 knots, gusts up to 60 knots. On that place where now there is Igor, he will rage almost at full strength.

Igor is an urgent need to go to the North. The situation is so serious that the race organizing Committee gave approval for the transfer of Igor specific instructions for the course.

Now Igor has 2 main objectives: to change course and to prepare for the storm.

Nautical experience Igor abound. The storm is passing. Esmeralda – boat strong by itself, in addition it prepared for such weather conditions. For example, the guys selected a millimeter thicker (than standard), converted crispity and wiring, standing rigging, to get rid of the forestay-Carnac.

Igor you need to perform usual in such cases, the to-do list:
– set the storm sail;
– close the vents, seal everything that is not secured, etc.;
– check out all that relates to personal safety;
– have something to eat and to relax.

We will closely monitor the situation. Then a lot depends on the team of radio Amateurs. Time has shown that they know how to cope with difficulties. In addition, the now established radio contact with Igor directly from Cape town.

The screenshots show the current position of the races and weather forecast for September 21, 18:00 UTC. Mark Esmeralda circled white outline.

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