Now around Australia

Last Saturday Sydney harbour left 33-year-old Liza Blair. Her goal is to go around Australia on a yacht d Albora Marinas solo, unassisted and visits to the ports.

Liza is a famous man. Last year we told you about the attempt, first woman to solo non-stop sailing around Antarctica. Moreover, the Australian yachtswoman planned to finish his campaign in less than 100 days. In this case, it would improve the record of Fedor Konyukhov, who in 2008, overcame a distance of 16000 nautical miles in 102 days, 35 minutes and 50 seconds.

Long enough Blair had been lucky: in mid-March, 2017 she passed Cape horn and significantly ahead of schedule Konyukhov. But in early April, was in a severe storm, and 7-meter waves took her a yacht mast. Lisa did not panic and eventually made it to Cape town, going with a temporary rigging, and the engine almost 900 miles. Repaired his boat and came out to Australia, although the dream of sailing around Antarctica non-stop had to be postponed until better times.

And now – sailing around Australia. The path length of 6536 nautical miles Blair plans to finish in six weeks. This will allow her to become a record holder in several categories.

Well, we watch it. Good Luck, Lisa!

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