Launched the “Golden Cup”

In Melbourne there were two of the first race of Finn Gold Cup – the “Golden Cup” in “Finn”. Leadership was captured by two kiwi – Andy Moloney and Josh Junior: both have 6 points.

Finn Gold Cup – the biggest regatta of the class, during which is played the title of world champion. To participate in the current “Golden Cup” arrived 60 riders from more than twenty countries. But the Russians at this time there. Apparently, the leaders of the team decided that Melbourne, far away, the cost of the trip is enormous, and the chances of success.

But let’s not about sad. You already know that the leadership was taken over by two new Zealander. Josh Junior won the first race and was fifth in the second. Andy Moloney, on the contrary, in the first race was 5th, and the second won. In third place the Croatian Nenad Bugarin – arrivals 8 – 2.

Detailed results after two races

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