Novikova and Sabirova have bronze!

December 20, 2019

      Novikova and Sabirova have bronze!
      Zoya Novikova and Diana Sabirova became bronze medalists in the 49erFX class at the European Youth Championship, which ended yesterday in the resort town of Vilamoura (Portugal). Yesterday, the race did not take place – due to weather conditions.

Novikova and Sabirova have bronze!

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Here is what the press service of the Krestovsky Ostrov Sailing School reports:

Zoya Novikova and Diana Sabirova – 3rd place (class 49erFX). Daniil Usachev with Ilya Ganeev – 16th (class 49er). Vasily Andreev with Leonid Pushev – 22nd (class 49er).

Three crews of athletes from the Krestovsky Island Sailing School took part in the European Championship in Portugal. One female and two male crew. For young men, these competitions were the first at the international level and in many ways test ones.

The coach of our sports team in classes 49er and FX Vadim Pushev noted:

“In general, they drove off well. We expected this kind of result. Girls from 1st to 3rd place, and boys in the middle. The youngest Andreev Vasily and Pushev Leonid could a little better drive away, but the weather made its own adjustments, it blew too much for them. They also – due to their age – lack about 20 kg of weight, which they will work on in the gym in winter. The crew of Usachev Daniil and Ganeev Ilya showed himself at his level for the first international regatta. As expected, there were problems with the launches, work on which we will conduct in the winter. ”

According to Vadim, the crew of Zoe and Diana significantly grew after the World Cup, and the girls initially had the task to enter the top three.

The task for the near future is to work hard on technology. Already on January 20, Vadim Pushev’s team will again come to Vilamoura for training, where they will be joined by another possible female crew – Ekaterina Bereza with Lisa Borovkova – and another male crew. ”

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