Mark Slats finished, but not completely

Last night in Les Sables-d’olonne finished second participant of round-the-world Golden Globe Race – a 41-year-old Dutchman mark Slats on The Ohpen Maverick boat (Rustler 36). 28 thousand nautical miles he traveled for 214 days 12 hours 18 minutes and 43 seconds.

Page #EsmeraldaOK reports the details. The slats arrived in Les Sables d’olonne yesterday at 23.18. He went around the world in 214 days 12 hours 18 minutes and 43 seconds. But it’s technically still not finished. By this time added penalty 36 hours.

Mark Slats in the Bay of Biscay used the satellite phone to discuss with the team support and forecast their future actions, which is against the rules #GGR. A violation of the rules means moving to a class Chichester.

But mark the result of communication with support team have not received any benefits. On the contrary, superfluous “movements” towards the Spanish coast have led to the loss of time.

The organizing Committee #GGR2018 reviewed the situation and changed the translation to class Chichester for a 36-hour penalty. These 36 hours are formed of two parts: one 18-hour penalty for unauthorized use of a satellite phone and a second 18-hour penalty to the Manager Mark for complete disregard of the warnings of the organizing Committee.

This is the second return from Chichester. Both times the reason was the unauthorized use of a satellite phone. In both cases, the action of the organizing Committee seem to be quite objective and relevant to the spirit of the race.

For those who may not be aware of: preparing for a Golden Globe Race, Slats took part in a rowing race Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge across the Atlantic (over 3,000 nautical miles!) and he won with a world record for the singles.

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