“Yachtsman of the year of St. Petersburg”: winners announced

In the Northern capital hosted a ceremony of awarding the winners of the annual award for achievements in the field of sailing “yachtsman of the year St. Petersburg 2019”. The award organisers Saint Petersburg yacht Union, Russia and the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg.

Winners of the award “yachtsman of the year St. Petersburg 2019” was determined in 11 nominations.

In the nomination “Opening of year” has defeated Juliana Onogawa (class: Techno, Academy of sailing). Juliana this year finished second in the Championship of Saint-Petersburg, fourth in the Championship of Russia, and then triumphantly performed at the world championship in the class “Techno”, winning one of the races and finishing in a final 17th place. In the short list of nominations also includes Dmitry zhayvoronok and charity regatta “Light. children.”

The winner of the award “yachtsman of the year to 23 years” was Simon Shatalov (class: Laser 4.7, Academy of sailing). Simon took 4th in the city Championship, and the Championship of Russia won the bronze medal in the category up to 16 years.

In the category of “Yachtswoman of the year to 23 years” the most votes of the jury was awarded to Ekaterina Zyuzin, Anastasia Shchedrin, Pauline Gomova. The winner is Yekaterina Zyuzina (class: Laser Radial, the sailing school “Krestovsky island”). This year Catherine won for Russia a license to participate in the Olympic games in Tokyo.

In the short-list nomination “team of the year to 23” includes: Zoya Novikova/Diana Sabirov, Anastasia Deryagina/Sophia Vereshchagin, Ilya Chuprin/Brovin Rodion. The victory was won by Ilya Chuprin and Brovin Rodion (class: 29er, Academy of sailing). This year in class, the Duo won the following awards: 1st place Cup of Russia 1 place the IX summer games of Russia, the 2nd place of the Championship of Russia, 6th place at the European championship, 1st place in the Sochi race, which has become a qualifying stage for the world Cup.

In the shortlist for the category “coach of the year” included Alexey Chibizov and Ivan Sergeevich Petrov. The greatest number of votes was received by Alexey Chibizov (class: Formula kite, the sailing school “Krestovsky island”). Alex is the coach of the strongest athletes of Russia: Valeria Garashchenko (silver of the world championship to 19, gold of the European Championships and two silver medals of the European championship) and Denis Taradina (ranked first in the world ranking).

The authors of the three best sailing photos of the year are Andrey Sheremet, Elena Razina, Anton Makhanov. Most votes were cast for the work of Andrei Sheremetyev.

The best distant sports campaign became a multi-year journey of Yuri Alexandrovich Sitnikov and the team yacht “Lady In Red”. In 2011, the yacht began long-distance sport cruise around Europe from St. Petersburg to Turkey. In the period from 2011 to 2019 in the waters of the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean was covered over 20,000 nautical miles. The yacht visited 15 countries visited in Europe, Asia and Africa. In this multi-year journey to take part more than 70 people. In the short list of nominations also includes the yacht class L-6 “Blue bird” under the command of Dmitry V. Dyakov.

In the short-list nomination “For contribution to the development of sailing in Saint-Petersburg” includes: Ivan Gromov (sailing school “Krestovsky island”, national Association of yachts of a class “SB20”), with the support of which was opened and successfully operates the first state sailing school “Krestovsky island”, ROO “Sports team sailors, the St. Petersburg river yacht club” and the crew gateleg tender “Lucullus”, which is the organizers of the charitable master-class “All aboard!”, Andrey Berezkin, who won the nomination. Andrey has been the President of the Association of yacht class “L-6” for the past 10 years. And honorary member and member of the Presidium of the HGA, the Chairman of the “Nevsky yacht club”, a member of the Marine Board under the Government of St. Petersburg, the undisputed captain of the yacht “Bylina”. Andrey Berezkin is well known to yachtsmen in the Saint-Petersburg yacht they organized youth campaign “Sails-memory” in places of glory of the seafarers of the Baltic sea, in the historic race Cup “100 miles”, for repeated participation in the international regattas of educational sailing vessels The Tall Ships Races with youth yacht crew at reborn in 2016, the championship of Russia among the yacht class “L-6”.

In the nomination “team of the year” in the short-list were: Jan Cech/Ivan Zotov, the yacht “Lena”, Rocknrolla Sailing Team. Won Rocknrolla Sailing Team (class: Dragon). The team finished eighth at the world Championships in the Dragon class. Further Rocknrolla consistently finished in the top ten is the most prestigious competition class for the season and won the Grand Prix of Germany. In the waters of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg Rocknrolla took the silver of the championship of Russia and won the legendary Trophy in Marblehead.

In the short list nomination “Yachtswoman of the year” was Anna Basalkina, Irina Grachev and Elena Kalinina. The winner was Anna Basalkina (classes: Dragon, J-70, the Academy of sailing). This year, under the command of Anna, the crew Academy has finished with the bronze medal of the season, the National sailing League. Anna also won the Russian championship in the Dragon class and took third place at the Dragon 90th Anniversary Regatta (offset Classic). The brightest start of the season was her debut in the offshore 600-mile Rolex Middle See Race, where Anne along with Igor Bytovym won a bronze medal in the Double Handed class.

In the nomination “the yachtsman of the year” the most votes from the judges were received by Feodor Druzhinin, Dmitry Balan, Dmitry Samokhin. The winner is Fyodor Druzhinin (class: Mini 6.5, Club Sailing Expeditions “North of 60”). This year yachtsman, took part in one of the most extreme regatta in the world – single of the transatlantic race Mini Transat La Boulangerie, finishing 11th in division Proto.

Also certificates of appreciation for achievements in the field of sailing from the organizers, the award went to:

ZIGZAG sailing club for his contribution to the development of the sailing traffic in St. Petersburg and the creation of a new class of yachts “MX700”

Nikita Diamonds and team charity regatta “Light.children” for organization of socially important projects in the field of yachting

ROO “Sports team sailors, the St. Petersburg river yacht club” and the crew gateleg tender “Lucullus” for organization of socially important projects in the field of yachting

The crew of the yacht “Blue bird” for the will to win

Vadim Bichler , for years of excellence in buernomu sport

Oleg Vasiliev , for years of excellence in buernomu sport

The Academy team sailing the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg (Anna Basalkina, Vitaly Gallo, Alexander Moscow, Artem Sudakov, Marina Taran, Maria Sirotina, Maxim Berdnikov) – for the 3rd place in the overall standings of the National sailing leagues and great performances on other stages of the League (2nd place in Nizhny Novgorod and 3rd place in the Grand final of the NPL).


Information partners of the award: radio, “Zenit”, the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”, the newspaper “Sports day after day”, the magazine Motor Boat & Yachting magazine Yacht Russia, magazine “Tarpon”.

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