Not the best day for Stephanie

On Wednesday, the second day of the world championship RS:X, which takes place in Torbole, in the Italian Garda lake, managed as before, to hold all the three scheduled races.

For the leader of our team – Stephanie Elfutils – this day was not the best way, despite the fact that in the second race she came in first. However, the other two finished the 18th (the result went to the release) and 15th. As a result, Stephanie has dropped from 8th place, which occupied the day before, on the 13th.

As for the other two Russian girls, Anna Korikova (was at 62nd position) now 40-I (in the final race of the day, she finished 6th!), while Ian Reznikova (was 90) fell into two lines.

But the three leaders in women: 1. Lillian De Geus (Holland) – 19 points. 2. Junsu Liu (China) – 22. 3. March Maggetti (Italy) – 24.

Now about the men’s competition. That’s who is in the top three after 6 races: 1. Pierre Le Coq (France) – 9 points. 2. Kieran Of Badloe (Holland) – 11. Peter Mouse (Poland) – 22.

Russian boys now at these places: 47 (the place the day before – 50). Eugene Aivazian. …55 (46). Vladislav Burmistenko. …77 (98). Alexander Askerov. …92 (111). Ilya Kirichuk. …95 (91). Maxim Tokarev. …117 (119). Anton Tokarev. …126 (127). Dmitry Sandakov.

Results after 6 races



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