The denouement will come today!


      The denouement will come today!
      Yesterday, the races of the final series of the world championship in the RS: X class among juniors took place. Today the names of the winners will be announced. Competitions, we recall, are held in the waters of the Neva Bay, and in the park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg a racing village has unfolded.

The denouement will come today!

At the start of the final series, St. Petersburg prepared the participants of the world championship in RS: X class another challenge in the form of a weak wind from 4 to 6 knots. Chasing in such wind conditions is a real art. The ability to correctly take starts and go in the right direction comes to the fore. The cost of error in light and gusty winds is too high.

– The direction of the wind was unstable – from the north-east and north to north-west, – says the head judge of the competition Vladimir Komel. – The girls we left only with the third start. Fortunately, the wind increased in strength, and we had three races. The guys rack their brains over tactics and work with the flow. In general, the day was successful and fruitful.

In addition to weather conditions, windsurfers fought with nerves. On Friday in the men's standings, the guys first raced in gold and silver fleets. In the golden fleet, the 35 best racers fought among themselves according to the results of the qualification. Competition often led to mistakes and protests. So, on the water, windsurfers filed 18 protests, only five of which came to consideration.

– The protest activity has increased, because tomorrow there will be a medal race in men and women. Everyone is trying to get into the top ten. Today they had the last opportunity to do this, says Sergey Kuzovov, member of the International Jury. – Sailing is driving on a high road where cars must be driven according to certain rules. Windsurfers also move in different directions and should diverge from each other. Our task is to understand and understand who was right in which conflict. If someone has violated the rules, we will disqualify him.

The difficult weather conditions and increased competition in the gold fleet among men were best handled by the Israelis. Iyal Yohai Zror takes first place with 23 points, and his compatriots Daniel Tashtash and Reuven Hillel scored 25 and 27 points respectively. It is they with a high degree of probability that they will play among themselves medals in the decisive race.

“The number of protests can be explained by the fact that all the guys are very good,” says Daniel Tashtash. – Everyone makes small mistakes, but in combination with the same mistakes of the other guys, this translates into protests. My teammate, Iyal, has almost as many points as I do. On the shore we are best friends with him, but on the water, each for himself. I will try my best to win.

Among the girls on Friday, the best Russian woman was Yana Reznikova. Muscovite twice came first and took off from fourth position to second. In the women's event, she is second only to the Frenchwoman Manon Pyanase. Pianaza is the most stable athlete of the World Cup. She did not win a single race, but almost every time finished in the top three. Enviable stability allows her to be ahead of the Russian woman by three points. For comparison: Reznikova won four races at once in these competitions. On the third line is the Israeli Naama Greenberg.

“In such weather, it’s important to be fast and go in the right direction,” says Naama Greenberg. – In the medal race, I will try to show the maximum. There is one race left, and I will try to win it. Yana Reznikova and Manon Pyanaza are very fast, it is difficult to compete with them, but the more difficult, the more interesting.

Alexey Zhirov,

PR-director of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg.

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