Do not lose vigilance!


      Do not lose vigilance!
      Another everyday – and, most importantly, instructive – story. Two British (both – a little over 40) decided last Wednesday to rest under a sail and set off on a yacht from Brighton to Gosport.

Do not lose vigilance!

The distance is small – about 50 miles. Halfway through, one of the British decided to go downstairs to make coffee on a gas stove. Then – already in the hospital, with a severe burn of both hands – he said: it seemed to him that he seemed to smell of gas, but he did not attach any importance to this. He struck a lighter – and …

Well, you understand: there was an explosion. In less than a minute, the whole boat was on fire. I had to jump into the water. And wait for the rescue boat to appear, and right after it the coast guard helicopter.

The moral is simple: friends, do not lose vigilance!

And the yacht (more precisely, what is left of it) is now at the bottom.

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