Sharifa means – “Beloved”

Italian in Gargnano on lake Garda ended the first official world championship in the class L30 – L30 class EUROSAF European championship 2019, under the auspices of the European Federation of the sail. The results of the test, Elena Tekina:

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All three are scheduled for the final day of the race was held under perfect Sunny weather, and southern wind of 8-10 knots, and the leader of the championship – German Sharifa Rasmus Taxit – became the first ever class European champion, posted two first and one third of the parishes in the three races of the day.

The crew of the Belgian Jonas of Jerkins and Frenchwoman Sophie Fage Volvo Sailing Academy won the silver medal with two second and one third times.

Bronze at last year’s class champion – Hungarian Present Perfect Peter Tinqueux. Peter spoke with his son as a geek Shkotovo, and this family experienced the crew was able to win the last race of the championship, finishing in 2nd and 4th places in the first two.

During the three days of regatta 6 teams participating from five countries were able to test their boats in various wind conditions of 20 knots and up to almost full calm. Monotype fleet made the race very tight, sharp, and the reliability and ease of operation L30 allowed Amateur teams and crews first got on the boat, to socialize and fully enjoy a battle with rivals.

According to the winner, Rasmus Taxit, Sharifa Arabic means “Beloved” and such a beautiful name, the yacht was named after the dog — hound Sharif. Even the grey color of the hull was chosen by her under the suit. Rasmus got into sailing five years and has come a long way from “Optimist” to large boats and participation in the Olympic campaign in the class “Tornado”. According to him, most in L30 attracted by its versatility.

“You can go non-stop 500 miles together in the race – or go on a cruise with the family. The boat is easy to transport by yourself, and it’s cheap. On the one hand, it has a beautiful ride quality and it is safe. It’s easy to use, although you can go to it quickly is not so easy. This victory has given us is not easy, the Belgian team was getting stronger by the day, plus Hungarian crew sought to repeat his success last year: Peter is especially strong in light winds, and very well played. We believe in the future of the class and plan to continue participation in the events of the next season. The fleet will grow, and there will be something to see, time to join such class riders as Jonas!”

According to the silver medalist of the championship of Jonas of Gerkens, L30 is a very nice boat to prepare for the offshore race Games in 2024. To participate in the Olympic campaign Sailing Federation Belgium will acquire for them L30, and the boys are going to participate in all regattas of the class, starting from this year.

Triple party Mini Тransat Route Du Rhum and Jonas it was the first regatta on the lake. “Here’s a completely different feeling, but it is a very useful experience for me. Racing the boat is a pleasure. We are just one week familiar with it and now our task is to participate in L30 in October in Venice offshore championship L30 in mixed pairs, and the main goal is to be at the world championship offshore Sailing World in 2020”.

After the ceremony the Creator of the yacht and the class L30, Olympic silver medallist Rodion Luka said that was satisfied, how did the yacht on Garda. “This regatta was a test before the offshore championship, which will take place exactly a month. We cook in there fleet, two boats of it was present here. We tested them in different wind conditions. One of these boats won before the championship race the local Campus c Belgian crew double-handed. While they love the boat, and they have already started their Olympic campaign. A lot of work, trying, hope something happens!”

According to the designer of the yacht L30 the Slovene Andrew Justin, he is very inspired by the new offshore Olympic class. “Mixed offshore deuces is a great new class in sailing, it will attract a lot of attention and will be very competitive. Mixed pair — a great combination. Women are more enduring, whereas men are strong and persistent, so they perfectly complement each other. This also works in marriage, but even better – on a boat!” Andrew was pleased with the championship, and the venue, and how proved to the boat. Once it is on the Garda he, along with Russell Coutts conducted the first test developed RC44 yachts, so the best areas to check a new fleet it was impossible to find.

“Great place! We had good wind every day and the boat showed itself as expected. The yacht was created to effectively chase from almost zero wind to storm. Originally these boats were designed for offshore, but very good with any conditions. The class has big plans, and given the high involvement of the judge in the process, these plans are gradually becoming a reality. Work more, the class is developing very well. Improving themselves boats, now they are very good quality, everything is taken into account for offshore racing, there are all kinds of sails, autopilots, electronics. In a monotype fleet a lot of work to make everything work as it should, and we are happy that the international sailing Federation and the organization noticed and appreciated these efforts”.

The President of the European sailing Federation Josep PLA observed distance championship personal presence and noted as the place itself, and wind conditions and the excellent organization of the regatta. “Everyone was very involved and tried to do everything possible to make things work well. Club, the organizers, Race Committee, coastal program, including gala dinner — everything was done to ensure that participants had a great regatta. Boats have proved that they are very good in those changing wind conditions that were here. And, importantly, the yacht has shown that suitable and Amateur crews, who kept up close or to professionals. Monotype fleet provides a very close race and the team race against each other and not with themselves. Here I saw a great combination of fun and competition, and this is sailing!”

Among the 6 participating yachts, 4 were private, and two — this is the first boat of the new Charter fleet, which is now being built in Ukraine by order of the World Sailing for the upcoming 2020 offshore world championship in the mixed pairs. Now building is the 9th case, and only a year to be built 21 boat. World Cup World Sailing will be held in Malta during the Rolex Middle Sea Race 2020 and will be the starting point for mixed twos on their way to the Olympic games in 2024.

An important test for crews-twos will be the first offshore championship in the mixed pairs, the class which organizes in conjunction with EUROSAF a month later in Venice. October 8 will be port race in front of San Marco square, and the 9th fleet of 8 brand-new yachts will go into a two-day offshore to Trieste. The race is scheduled the day before the start of the famous “Barcolana”, and then the fleet will be available to participate in this massive regatta in the world.

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