Not gentlemanly

March 15, 2019

      Not gentlemanly
      The Malta Malta Altus Challenge team is more than likely to be forced to refuse to participate in the 36th America's Cup. And the bosses of the New York Yacht Club are to blame for this.

Not gentlemanly

The story is. Today, the verdict of the arbitration jury of the America's Cup was published, which considered whether the three teams that applied for participation after the deadlines could be allowed to participate in the 36th draw. The jury decided: all three teams – the Malta Altus Challenge, DutchSail and Stars & Stripes – should be allowed, unless they have to pay a fine.

In fact, the jury could not make a verdict. The question was decided a month ago, after discussing the situation, the organizers of the draw – the leaders of the New Zealand Emirates Team Cup defender New Zealand and the Italian Italian Luna Rossa. And in turn decided: to allow.

The incident, as it seemed, was exhausted, but the bosses of the New York Yacht Club intervened. In fact, they said that their team American Magic additional rivals to anything: the less competitors – the better. And they demanded that the jury still render the verdict.

For that month of uncertainty, while the teams were forced to wait for the decision, the Maltese lost several important contracts. So the New York Yacht Club, apparently, partially achieved his goal. As foreign sail editions write today, there are now serious doubts that one of the teams, the Malta Altus Challenge, will be able to reach the start of America’s Cup in 2021.

Hardly, you see, it can be called a truly sporting, gentlemanly behavior.

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