On the first day – 5 races

March 14, 2019

      On the first day – 5 races
      According to the Krestovsky Island Sailing School, the Hydrofoil Pro Tour started in Mexico.

On the first day - 5 races

On the first day of the competition, 5 races were held. According to school coach Alexei Chibizov, “conditions are excellent, the wind during the day was from 14 to 22 knots. In the men's fleet, seven athletes from the world's top 10 came to these competitions.

Denis Taradin has his first day parishes 7-7-5-4-4. In two starts they decided to test wing settings: except in races, this is not done. Denis is still in fifth place.

Valeria Garashchenko has parishes 26-25-18-26-15 in the overall standings. In the first two races there were falls, in the fourth, unfortunately, she was late for the start. At the moment in the protocol she is the 22nd.

Today they promise a strong wind. ”

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