Nord Stream Race will start June 22

Eighth regatta Nord Stream Race will take place from 21 June to 5 July. The first race will be held June 22 in Kiel. Further, the Navy will cover the route Copenhagen – Stockholm – Helsinki – St. Petersburg.

Regatta Nord Stream Race starts during the largest sailing festival in Europe – “Kieler Woche”. Traditionally, this festival brings together hundreds of sports, Amateur and historic yachts. In Kiel the guest of honor of the events of the regatta will be ex-German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. He will give fire a warning shot at the start of the first stage, thus, will officially open the eighth season of the Nord Stream Race. On the official website of the regatta will be broadcast live short race the Nord Stream Race in Kiel.

Official website of the regatta Nord Stream Race –

“In 2017, we have breathed new life into the Nord Stream Race, giving her a new racing fleet, route and a new strong concept, which fully reflects the motto of the regatta “the Baltic sea Uniting the sport.” Our goal is to make the Nord Stream Race is not just a regatta but the event on the Baltic sea. Nord Stream Race brings together athletes who compete for the title of best team of the Baltic sea. For their national teams suffer thousands of caring people who participate in our cultural events, meetings and charity events,” explains project Manager of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg Elena Solovieva.

In Denmark yacht regatta will stand in the heart of Copenhagen opposite the famous Opera. In Sweden, Nord Stream will be part of the oldest European regatta ÅF Offshore Race in Stockholm. In Finland the boats will race close to shore, and visitors will be organized sports program: family fitness, mini Golf, sailing. In each city, the planned free excursions on yachts, where you can chat with the athletes. A detailed schedule indicating the exact address of the Parking lot and the racing results can be found on the official website of the regatta.

In Saint-Petersburg boats will be moored at the Lieutenant Schmidt embankment, they are open to the public on 5 July from 10.30 to 12.30. There will also be a meeting of the athletes of the Nord Stream Race with the young yachtsmen from the St. Petersburg sailing schools. This will be followed by the ceremony of awarding the participants of Nord Stream Race on the ship “Poltava” on the promenade des Anglais. The ceremony starts at 13.00. Entrance to the awards ceremony only in the presence of accreditation or official invitation. The evening of July 5 will host a charity auction. The auction will be presented paintings of outstanding artists from Germany, Denmark, Finland and Russia. The proceeds from the sale of paintings will be donated to AdVita Fund.

The participants of the regatta Nord Stream Race

In the competition participated five teams – the winners of the national sailing leagues in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

The Team Of The Nord Stream Race 2019:

– North German racing Union (Germany, multiple participants)

– The Royal Danish yacht club (Denmark, the team participates for the first time)

– The Royal Swedish yacht club (Sweden, the team participates for the second time)

– Yacht club of the åland Islands (Finland, the team participates for the second time)

Team “Leviathan” (Russia, the team participates for the first time)

The Moscow team “Leviathan” was founded in 2014 and is the youngest member of the upcoming regatta. In last year’s “Leviathan” for the first time in history won National sailing League (NPL) and has qualified for the Nord Stream Race. The core of the team are Vadim Achinson, Maxim Titarenko, Mikhail Sheremetyev and Maxim Sheremetyev. Vadim Akenson came to sailing to advanced age. At the age of 19 he was enrolled in the sailing section at the Moscow aviation Institute and there spent the first race on the boat class Finn. His partner, Maxim Titarenko – go sailing was inspired by a meeting with Oscar Konyukhov, a son of Theodore. Together they ten days passed under sail the Atlantic ocean. Brothers sheremetieva – professional sailors in the team, “Leviathan”. They twice represented team Russia at the Olympic games (2008 and 2012).

How are race the Nord Stream Race

Participants compete in three classifications: short race (coastal race), long distances (offshore flights) and GC, which is formed from the results of short and long races. Short races are held in the city center, so convenient for them to watch from the shore. Long distances between cities on average takes about a day, the long transition from Copenhagen to Stockholm, its duration is almost two days.

The event takes place on the same (monotypic) sports sailing yacht Club Swan 50. The crew of one boat 10 athletes at each stage it may will be joined by 2 guests or 2 members of the media.

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