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The tale of how a resident of Alaska on the “Optimist” China sailed

Fishing hooks, twine, tape, book of the Bible, the blue curtain from the shower (the replacement of the sheet), blanket, improvised drying rack for fish, a small supply of fresh water, food and grape juice. A driver’s license. These things all took a 2.44-meter boat-a resident of anchorage (Alaska, USA) sailing through the Pacific ocean.

It would seem that a major 46-year-old male increase of almost 1.9 m can try yourself in the role of “captain” “yacht” — which is only 10 cm more kids “the Optimist” — just for fun at the pond.

But John Martin III was more than serious when in July of 2018 went on his “ship” from anchorage to distant China.

The American went down the river Yukon and 11 days happily went to the West via the Bering sea. But luck could not last forever, and on the 12th day the wind dropped and the tide carried Martin is not in the direction desired South-West, and North. Three days later, on August 1, a man driving his boat through the fog still managed to get to the mainland. By the time calm had replaced the storm, and the traveler great suffering from thirst and wanted to get some fresh water.

“I’m soaked, froze, and got stuck on the shore until, until the weather calmed down. Some saw a dilapidated, abandoned cabins on the cliff, I decided to go and check whether it is possible to use them as a refuge. Up a hill, and saw the dilapidated remains of the village, and closer to the top are several buildings that have not collapsed, and seem to have been even repaired. As he approached, I smelled smoked fish — a sure sign that people lived here” — later told Martin in his blog.

It turned out that it was brought to the Chukchi Cape Nyombi. The locals fed and warmed the greenback, and then called the border service. On the boat Martin was taken to the nearest large settlement — the village of Lawrenceand from there by plane to the administrative center of the region and the Anadyr. In Anadyr, the American and lived almost until the end of December.

Romantic or crazy?

It would seem that all of the above is a pretty ordinary story crazy city with Alaska.

“Some consider it a very religious man, wariwck yourself in the hands of God. Other incredible lucky, which hallucinations provoke the risk,” wrote the journalists from Anchourage Daily News, talking with friends Martin.

However, this man who wanted to get to China, moved very noble feelings. According to him, he wanted to be reunited with his wife and son living in the province of Guangzhou, with whom he separated in 2007. According to him, on such a risky journey, he pushed a sense of despair.

In China Martin lived on a business visa, trying to establish the production of Souvenirs with symbols of Alaska. To leave the country the man was compelled almost immediately after the birth of her son: the American has accumulated a huge debt in child support intended to three children from his first marriage, and the U.S. government revoked his passport.

Attempt Martin, returning to Alaska to improve his financial Affairs, was a disaster. Debts continued to grow like a snowball, and soon the man was on the street.

Few years he not only survived himself, but fought for the rights of the homeless in anchorage. Thanks to its silent protests (the man just sat down at the local town hall, even without making any special signs) Martin became a kind of town celebrity.

In 2011, inspired by stories about how in ancient times Alaska natives on foot have migrated to this land from Asia, as well as information about what and today in a particularly cold winter, you can cross the Bering Strait on the ice, the man decided to try to repeat this way.

With him he took only six-month-old dog. Eat Martin was going what you will find in the forest or that will give him good people. After about 80 km (most of it barefoot), the man was forced to return to the anchorage: he hurt his foot and, more importantly, I realized that I picked the wrong season to travel to the lake district Iliamna, without which it was impossible to do.

Less romantic this story makes the knowledge of the past Martin. Just move his family from China, he could not due to the fact that from the mid-90s eight years spent in prison for raping his 15-year-old daughter. Stigma on his shoulder, of course, not set, but in the twenty-first century it is no longer necessary.

After returning to the U.S. from China in 2014, Martin repeatedly accused in the death of his friend. The girl died during a car accident, and the man was behind the wheel and, presumably, was drunk. However, to make a decision, the jury could not. The case was closed.

Return Home from Russia

For the months of stay in Russia in 2018 Martin had a close meet with the Russian judicial system, which never ceased to surprise him. Man accused of illegally crossing the border. Since the passport and visa he was not to remain in the territory of Russia, he had no right. But in the course of the trial it turned out that to deport American country home too.

“If I have to go, let me go!” — Martin asked the Russian authorities after one of the next sittings of the court.

As the months passed, appeals and hearings followed each other, but that didn’t add to business clarity. However, all this time the man lived quite comfortably: first, he passed the examination in the regional hospital (which remained “live” for 3.5 months), then he was allowed to move freely around Anadyr. Although the border guard service and the police kept on the edge of the eye to follow Martin, he could communicate with the locals, gave interviews, and even helped a local mug in the English language.

At some point, Martin offered to return home at their own expense (which he was not). He wanted to sell his boat for 100 thousand rubles to bail out the money on tickets to Vladivostok, but it didn’t work out.

Before December 20, the man finally was sent to Moscow, from there he returned to the United States, Martin handed over the ship to the local Museum.

Because of the long Russian Christmas holidays in the capital of the American has been in custody for nearly a month. Finally, six months after a wet landing on the Chukotka coast, on January 28, he arrived in Washington, where he met a friend.

In his blog, which Martin began to conduct, hitting in Russia, American gradually publishes a Chapter of the forthcoming book “All the oceans are not big enough”, which tells about his life from the moment of acquaintance with his future wife-Chinese. The man hopes that its publication will help to either earn money, or simply moved Chinese officials so much that they will allow the family to reunite.

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