And again mark and suzy

We again have a reason to “get stuck” at blue screens yellow brick, according to page #EsmeraldaOK.

Recent participants in the Golden Globe Race mark Slats and Susie Goodall yacht Ohpen Maverick came on the race’s second stage #AZAB2019.

Right at the start we were waiting for the intrigue. Where to go? Left or right? Constantly changing strength and direction of wind, scurrying to and fro calm area a little complicated the decision.

Yacht Brand is now marked with the crown of the leader in his (fourth) grade. But at the moment most likely to set sailors to places almost impossible. Therefore, waiting for the moment when you visually compare the progress of the yachts in both groups. He will come when all the yachts will turn in the direction of Les Sables-d’olonne and a little closer. At the same time know which side was correct.

Don’t forget that the race we have 4 different classes and a handicap, so row one size fits all is impossible.

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