Shaiduko and everything

The organizers of the final race Star Sailors League from the fourth to the eighth of December will be held in Nassau (Bahamas), has announced the composition of the 25 crews taking part in this prestigious regatta yacht class “Star”.

Ten crews have earned the right to play in the final races the results of the qualifying races. Another 15 received wild cards from the organizers, including – love note – a member of the jury of the 10th anniversary of the National award “Sailor of the year”, silver medalist of the Olympic games of 1996 in Atlanta in the class “Soling”, the former world and European champion 56-year-old George Shaiduko. Skotovi he will be Vitaly Kushnir (Ukraine).

Among the participants in upcoming regattas even more than before, Olympic Champions, winners of world Championships (including a recent – in the Danish Aarhus), the participants of the Cup “of America.” Will perform in Nassau and Cypriot Pavlos Kontides world champion in the “Laser” of the last two years, recently received the title of best yachtsman in the world in 2018.

Here are all 25 crews, who will perform in Nassau:

Iain Percy (UK) – Anders Ekstrom (Sweden)

The PWM Fantela (Croatia) – Antonio Arapovic (Croatia)

Robert Sheidt (Brazil) – Henry Boenig (Brazil)

Freddie Löf(Sweden) – Edoardo’s Natucci (Italy)

Mateusz, Kusznierewicz (Poland) – Dominic Zycki (Poland)

Max Salminen (Sweden) – Johan Tillander (Sweden)

Paul Cayard (USA) – Artur Lopes (Brazil)

Diego Negri (Italy) – Frithjof Kleen (Germany)

Pavlos Kontides (Cyprus) – Markus Koy (Germany)

Tonchi, Stipanovic (Croatia) – Frederico Melo (Portugal)

George Shaiduko (Russia) – Vitaly Kushnir (Ukraine)

Lars Grael (Brazil) – Samuel Goncalves (Brazil)

Xavier Rocher (France) – Pierre-Alexis Ponce (France)

Jorge Zarif (Brazil) – Pedro The Trush (Brazil)

Ruggero Tita (Italy) – Enrico Voltolini (Italy)

Zombor To Protect (Hungary) – Michael Mayer (Czech Republic)

Kevan, Peppone (France) – mark Strube (USA)

Hamish Pepper (New Zealand), Steve Mitchell (UK)

Francesco Bruni (Italy), Nando, Colannino (Italy)

Mark Mendelblatt (USA) – Brian Fatih (USA)

Melleby Eivind (Norway) – Joshua Revkin (USA)

Gyorgy Szabo (USA) – Roger Chir (Canada)

Augie Diaz (USA), Bruno Prada (Brazil)

Warm Ondrej (Czech Republic) – Antonis Tsotras (Greece)

Guido Gallinaro (Italy) – Kilian Weise (Germany)

The first four days of the Star Sailors League will be devoted to qualifying races. Then followed a race-off. Crucial of them will meet four of the best crew, which will determine the winner.

The total prize Fund of the race of 200 thousand dollars.

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