Grachev is in the top ten!

Here is what he told Irina Gracheva on his page on “Facebook” – Irina Gracheva Racing Mini-Transat 2019:

I was able to get in the top ten overall annual rating of mini-serial in the Navy!

In season 2019 I worked hard and raced all the races on the Atlantic calendar. Fumed and changed the sails, updated electronics and equipment. Did their boat better and better. And our results were more stable and higher.

On the Mini-Transat, I go out with my head held high, finishing in 10th place out of 251 participant in the overall ranking! Improved its score by 9 points in 2018 my rating was 19.

For the curious – counting method posted here –…

All this became possible thanks to you, friends. And thanks to my reliable partners and sponsors! Applaud you!

PS Yacht Russia congratulate Irina on this achievement and wish her to rise even higher!

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