Italian shipyard WIDER descends upon the water the yacht WIDER 165 ‘Cecilia’

On may 15, 2018, the year the Italian shipyard WIDER reported, that the WIDER 165 – project “CECILIA” was launched in Ancona, in the private event, which was attended by employees, suppliers, and employees of the shipyard.

After last year’s delivery to the owner of the yacht WIDER 150 is the new flagship marks another very important milestone for the shipyard.

50-meter elegant aluminum superyacht with a tonnage of slightly less than 500GT has an elongated profile that will not go unnoticed. Designed to accommodate a large number of water “toys”, both inside and outside, building the WIDER 165 meets the needs of the most discerning owners.

In the coming weeks, the WIDER team will actively work with technical staff to suppliers to every aspect of “CECILIA” was in keeping with the level kotoryy achieved.

The yacht WIDER 165, the project CECILIA available for sale at a price of 30 million Euros and will be ready for delivery this summer.



Made entirely of aluminum, the elegant profile of the WIDER 165 was developed by own design team of the shipyard WIDER, in collaboration with the Italian designer Fulvio De Simoni. The material selected for the whole design WIDER 165 is aluminum, a noble, durable metal. Aluminum also provides greater freedom during construction and significantly reduces construction time.

Created to accommodate a large number of toys, both inside and out, the WIDER 165 will satisfy the desires of the most demanding clients, including a helicopter pad.

The internal layout is designed IdeaeItalia, has outstanding features including a Cabinet with a flap and a terrace on the left side, a gym with a terrace on the starboard side, a sauna, and a spacious owner’s stateroom and bathroom.

On the fore deck there is a helipad that is unique to the WIDER 165, the semi-circular Seating area for guests, Jacuzzi and a large open space that can be used as a dance floor for parties on Board.

Beach club on the yacht WIDER 165 impresses with its size, including space for saunas, as well as the ability to use a WIDER 32 tender that we saw on the WIDER 150′.

Designers IdeaeItalia worked to get a very bright interior, combined with warm colors, lines and clean design combined with a fine selection of wood, glass and leather.

The choice of materials used on Board, it’s oak, travertine stone, premium leather and white Italian marble. Modern style interior combined with Italian craftsmanship design.


The main advantage of the project WIDER 165 is its diesel electric propulsion installation in combination with a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 544 kW, and drive-Azipod, which ensures extremely low fuel consumption.

Four built-in diesel generator with adjustable speed, controlled-the-art energy management system WIDER and the latest technology of batteries, the lead ship in motion, and providing power to aircraft systems.

The traditional engine in the stern was replaced by the power plant, located in the bow. This leaves the Central part of the yacht free for a more spacious and comfortable guest cabins, located in the most stable part of the boat. This arrangement is possible due to the use of the azimuthal drives which are powered through an electrical cable, unlike traditional power plants with the trees.

It gives significant benefits compared to conventional diesel engines on shafts.

  • Increased reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Greater range
  • Shallow draft
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Less frequent maintenance
  • Great flexibility

The power plant is completely modular, which means that the WIDER 165 can move using only the batteries in the mode, Zero Emission Mode, or fully or partially using four diesel generators. When fully charged, enough energy to power all onboard systems, including air-conditioning for sleeping at anchor, or in the absence of noise and exhaust at anchor during the day.At a cruising speed of 12.5 knots cruising range 3,100 nautical miles At 10 knots, the yacht will be able to overcome the 5 400 nautical miles. The maximum speed of the yacht is 14.1 site. Also in the Zero Emission Speed, WIDER 165 can operate solely on batteries for silent navigation at speeds of 5 knots for short transitions, avoiding the need to run generators. Supplier management system WIDER Power Management company Nidec is the world’s leading powerhouse in electronics(formerly Emerson Industrial Automation).

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