Sunseeker will be present at Boot Dusseldorf project serial hybrid yacht

British shipyard Sunseeker and Rolls-Royce signed an agreement on joint construction of the boats with the first production propulsion installation Rolls-Royce. The ship c hybrid electric-diesel engine plan to launch in 2020, and yet, during the exhibition Boot Düsseldorf — 2019, starting on 19 January, the company will hold a presentation of the most propulsive system.

“Sunseeker has always occupied in this industry for innovation, so it is absolutely natural that we were the first company that builds an excellent boat, which signed an agreement with MTU Hybrid Power (one of the group brands Rolls-Royce Power Systems, approx. itBoat). In the coming years will be a revolution in the field of propulsion for pleasure craft”, — said sales Director of Sunseeker International Sean Robertson (Sean Robertson).

According to him, the next boat Sunseeker owners will be able to choose from six working modes of hybrid installation: all-electric, does not create harmful emissions, to a full diesel, in which both a 12 cylinder engine MTU 2000 Series (1947 HP each) work with the highest efficiency and performance available for this class of vessels.

“Noiseless journey without a strong vibration and emissions means huge benefits from the point of view of comfort on Board. A high level of performance, energy efficiency, sustainability and flexibility of the propulsion system are of great interest in the operation of the vessel. We believe that in the future when development of the yachting industry will increasingly focus on intelligent and innovative solutions, and not just on the level of output power”, — said the head of the marine unit MTU Knut Mueller (Knut Müller).

In “quiet” mode, where the energy will come only from pairs of batteries, the boat will be able to spend 40 minutes in traffic and another 120 minutes alone.

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