Cup the Yacht club Sochi: the results

On may 4, one race ended in the first ever Cup Yacht club Sochi. Athletes and coaches were eager to hold another race to finally determine who is who, but don’t let the wind.

In the end, the three leaders remained unchanged. With a separation from opponents as much as 9 points defeated Artem Maksimkin from Dolgoprudny. The regatta was the 2nd stage of selection in national teams of Russia in the most popular children’s yacht class in the world Optimist.

In the race participated 204 young sailors under 16 years old from different regions of Russia. All participants acknowledged that the regatta was a success and from the point of view of the organization of competitions, terms of the races themselves.

Over 5 days of competition, the judges held 9 races. The waters of the fgbi “South Sports” in spite of the reputation of the place where the wind often there are problems, this time was pleased with all the winds of different strength and direction. Quite betweenm happened only one day – may 3rd.

In the beginning all the athletes were divided randomly into 3 fleet (approximately 70 each) every day, their compositions have changed. After 6 qualifying races all athletes redistributed to the fleet depending on the results (the best was in the “Golden” fleet), the 3 final races finally decided the best.

Defeated Artem Maksimkin of Dolgoprudny, who seized the lead from the start of the regatta. 9 points less was Danila Ivanov and Andrey Sotnikov (Saint Petersburg, GBSU school at PS “Krestovsky island” and dspk “Rout”), but additional indicators the second was Daniel.

The first three places the girls also went to the pupils of the legendary coach Anatoly Parfenenko from Dolgoprudny: Mary Struk, Dean Zhilkin and Alisa Ivanova. Maria also became 13th in the overall standings, and Dina was the best among Junior girls. In second place among younger girls went to eve Turkina (St. Petersburg, “Krestovsky island”), Julia Naymushin from Krasnoyarsk – the third.

The younger boys defeated Artem Carpita (CSKA, Moscow), the second result showed Dmitry Eremin (St. Petersburg, “Krestovsky island”), but in third place due to the successful arrival in the last race broke Daniel Larchenkov (dspk “the Rout” Sankt-Petersburg).

Chief judge Vadim Mechanics summed up the race: “From a competitive point of view has not been all – had not enough 10th race to dot the i, but without it, the regatta was very intense. Hope to make it traditional, as there is a very interesting area, which makes all the athletes to wrestle. Of course, special thanks to the leaders of the fgbi “South” for being allowed to spend all at the highest level”.

The final teams that will represent Russia at the world and European Championships, will be known after the Cup of the Association, which will be held in early June in St. Petersburg.

Evgeny Kitaev,

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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