The history of regattas

Anyone who has ever made a boat trip you will never forget the stormy bright emotions, the feeling of complete freedom, which gives the open sea and the wind.

And if you add to that the excitement and spirit of competition inherent in the regatta, you get a truly breathtaking adventure.

Regatta is a major competition, which participants can
become both professionals and fans of sailing or rowing. During
regatta is a series of single and team races with different length and
distance. Opponents playing in this competition have the opportunity
use a variety of types and classes of sailing ships: keel
yachts and dinghies, and Maxi-yachts and sailing boards. For each category
a sailboat has its championship.

The first ever
regatta: how it all began

The first mention of this amazing competition
found in the middle of the XVIII century. In those days the regatta was conducted among
Venetian gondoliers – boaters, wielding a rather heavy elongated
paddle. Interestingly, many years later, in the city on the water and in our days
annual marine marathons. Although the appearance and features
the design of modern boats differ in many ways from its legendary

Eyewitnesses of the first sailing regattas were residents
The UK, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France a century later.
In the mid-nineteenth century in these countries began to actively develop sailing.
This, of course, contributed to the geographical position of the European
States in which seafaring was widely spread among the population.

Yachting, like active kind of rest, originated in the Netherlands.
The word “yacht” has a Dutch origin. Later racing under sail
interested and the British. Interestingly, sailing was fond of himself
the king, who ruled in the second half of the seventeenth century in England and Scotland – Charles II

Europe in those times appeared first yacht clubs.
One such popular sports organizations has become a “Water Club”, now
known as the “Royal Yacht club of Cork”.

Gradually, interest in sailing was becoming large
scope. Improved vessel design, develop and introduce new
sailing ships, and with them, the new lovers of water sports. However
carried out in those days of sailing race often took the form of a duel –
is the competition involved two athletes on the role of the courts.

More extensive contest that went down in history as
The Kiel sailing regatta was held in 1882, in Kiel (Germany) in one of
bays of the Baltic sea. The race, which attracted 20 yachts that had
a great success. Since then, every year in Germany is the Kiel week –
one of the most interesting events in the world of sailing.

Since the second half of the XIX century sailing regatta began
be carried out not only in Europe. Yachting was developed in the USA,
Latin America and Canada.

Interesting history of the origin of the regattas in the United States.
One of the regular English sailing races, held in 1851,
arrived from new York the yacht “America”. Crew members of the British Royal
the yacht squadron was not seen in the Western command of the schooner a serious contender, because
Britain is deservedly considered the “mistress of the seas”. However, at the finish
American yacht has won the game by a wide margin – as much as 20 minutes.

Good marine practice-member crew, headed by John Stevens allowed
win the race with the British. The reward for a brilliant victory in the competition became
the Cup, which was later transferred to the new York yacht club and is named in
honor of the schooner who won the regatta. “America’s Cup” – since so-called one
of the most popular and prestigious regattas, which is held to this day.

The history of regattas in

In our country the history of this exciting competition
associated with the figure of Peter the great. In fact, the contribution of the first Russian
the Emperor in the development of the domestic fleet is hard to overestimate. The first Russian yacht club historians call Nevsky fleet of 141 ships. Yachts
included in the fleet, was presented as awards for special achievements
higher dignitaries and other notable residents of St. Petersburg. The owner of the ship could make
a short trip on the Neva at any time, and mandatory –
to participate in the General Sunday exits.

After the death of Peter Nevsky Navy ceased
to exist, however rides have become part of daily life
citizens. And already in the XIX century during the reign of Nicholas was established by the Imperial
St. Petersburg Yacht club. The first regatta was held in 1847
in the waters of the Gulf of Finland. Participated only 7 ships.

Sailing pre-revolutionary Russia was class
character. This greatly hindered its development. Picture
has changed in the 20-ies of the XIX century. Preserved after the revolution of yacht clubs was
placed at the disposal of Komsomol organizations. Across the country was created
new workshops on restoration of old and construction of new vessels.

Already in 1928 regatta was included in the Union
sports day, which was attended by 66 athletes at 22 ships. Known
sailors of that time, N.. Myasnikov and A. K. Bal’sevich became the first Champions
of the country in sailing.

A modern regatta

In our days very popular regatta:

• The Cup of the Volga – competition of cruising yachts, held in
the waters of the Kuibyshev reservoir;

Cup of Peter the Great Bay – the competition consisting of 5
racing and having the status of the championship of Russia;

• Large black sea regatta – competition of sailboats
international level;

• International regatta “Marine Corps” – competition
cruising yacht professional level.

Become a member sailing possible at any level
qualifications. To perform at these competitions must be a member of
one of the yacht clubs and undergo special training. As a rule, in the eve
the next race of the regatta plans of study and courses
improve the skills of yachtsmen. To understand all the intricacies of sailing
sport, it takes a lot of time to prepare so it is better to start

The Volvo Ocean Race

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