“It was the level of the world championship”

April 7, 2019

      "It was the level of the world championship"
      On Saturday, the 50th jubilee regatta Trofeo Princesa Sofia IBEROSTAR 2019 was completed in Mallorca. The riders of the Saint-Petersburg Yacht Club Sailing Academy summed up its results.

"It was the level of the world championship"

They are told by Jan and Christian Czechs, Sergey Komissarov and Ivan Zotov

Jan Cech, steering the strongest academic crew in the 49th class:

“A very representative regatta. I gathered the most fleet in our class in my memory were all. This is the level of the World Cup, no less. So, last year there were 90 participants, and there were not many of the strongest. This year were all tops! So the 15th final place is much more significant than last year's 14th.

In principle, everything that was planned was successful. Of course, there are still moments on which we will work in the future. I rate the performance positively, we are pleased with ourselves.

The new boat showed itself well, plus we ourselves made some progress over the winter.

Now we fly home for 3 days and then to Genoa, to the World Cup stage.

Many thanks to the Academy and the Yacht Club for their support! ”

Ivan Zotov, shkotovy, 49th:

“It turned out to be consistently qualify with virtually no mistakes and lost points, which gave us the opportunity to be at the intermediate 6th place in the gold fleet. In the races of the gold fleet it became harder, the average fleet speed is higher, the guys are less mistaken. It didn’t work out as well as in qualifying, there was a shortage of speed to some extent, plus several tactical mistakes were made that threw us to the end of the fleet in 3 races. But the rest of the races are very pleased, most of the starts are good, quick and successful full courses.

The main thing – the tasks assigned to the regatta, completed. We know what to work on further, we saw our strengths and weaknesses at the moment. ”

Sergey Komissarov, Laser Standard class:

“Princess Sophia Cup is a regatta, which is necessary first of all for“ racking in ”into the season, getting racing practice in a strong fleet. Last year, it was preceded by a regatta in Miami, and in this, it turns out, this very start was the first serious test in the 2019 season.

The main task was to test oneself in various conditions, to understand the current level. Basically, there were no starts, we will work on them now.

I didn’t have races of such a level for about half a year, my brains should get used to the racing mode.

In principle, the sensations did not turn out so badly, without taking into account the 3 failing races (2 black flags and one failing in terms of the wind) I would definitely hit the top ten.

A lot of things worked out, some decisions were made a little late in the course of the race, at that level it had an effect, but everything had to return to the European Championship.

Going home for a few days, relax, on April 12, the World Cup stage starts in Genoa, then a week and a half home training sessions, then Split, prepare for the European Championship in Porto, after which we are going to Japan, because the main goal is to get a license for the Olympics.

Thanks to family and friends, my sponsors – to the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, State Budgetary Educational Institution of the Central Medical Academy, Sailing Academy of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, CSKA, All-Russian Sailing Federation, SLAM Russia, Russian Rigger. And to everyone who supports me! ”

Christian Cech, steering, class 470:

“Of course, I would like to get into the golden fleet, but unfortunately this goal was far away.

We got starts and exits to the first sign, they walked especially well in a strong wind. But there was not enough experience – it was not possible to hold positions in the course of the race, everywhere they lost a little bit, especially in a weak wind, there was not enough speed.

In a strong wind, on the contrary, they were good at the first sign, and in the course of the race they played the position, there was a competitive speed, but … At this level, you need to be able to walk in any weather.

We are returning home, then a short gathering in Sochi, after – we are chasing the final stage of the Russian Cup. ”

Evgeny Kitayev,

Press Service of the Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg

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