Our lead in Scarlino!

April 7, 2019

      Our lead in Scarlino!
      In Scarlino on the Tyrrhenian coast, the first stage of the Italian Cup in the class J70. And here's great news: after three races ahead, the crew of RUS1 Valeria Kovalenko!

Our lead in Scarlino!

The team has 23 points, and it is two points ahead of the crew of ITA853, which is headed by Claudia Rossi. At the same time in the third place again the Russians – RUS1405 Andrei Malygin (29 points).

“I know that one cannot be happy in the process of the regatta, that tomorrow is another difficult day and that this is the most powerful championship in the world (in my opinion), Kovalenko wrote on Saturday evening on her page in the FB. – But it will all be tomorrow. And today we are J of the day – and endless thanks to the team and the J / 70 Italian Class for this incredible feeling. ”

Well, we will follow and get sick. In the meantime, we add that 52 teams take part in the races, seven of which are under the Russian flag.

Full results –

174 April 7, 2019 # 8903

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