“The main task – to win the world championship!”

The team of Igor Rytov “Russian heroes” started the new season with a win in Miami in the second round of the Winter series of yachts Melges 20. In fact, she managed a “double” – in fact the first stage of the series in December 2018 won it too.

We took a short interview with the head of “Russian heroes” Igor Rytov:

Yacht Russia: – How strong was the competition this time?

Igor Rytov: – the Competition was very strong, going top ten in the world, all primed for a good result, a good professional crew. No easy victory in sight.

YR: – When the victory was easier in December or now?

I. R.: – Easy never happens in December, the wind was weaker, so more tactical race and were therefore more nervous, but this stage I was physically expensive, had to hang on long lavrovka.

YR: – What is the weather perfect for your crew?

I. R.: For us perfect weather – it’s strong and stable, without strong shiftof the wind, which was at the regatta on Saturday and Sunday: barrel of 16-20 knots.

YR: – What is your main goal for this season?

I. R.: – the Main goal for the season is, of course, to win the world championship. I think, we are in good shape and should be able to do it.

YR: – What do you think about the introduction of offshore racing at the Olympics in 2024?

I. R.: – Offshore race at the Olympics in 2024, I think, will give you the opportunity to try their hand more age sailors with good practice on the keel boats.

YR: Thank you! Good luck in the race season!

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