Gulliver in lilliput: Valkyrie will be the largest private ship in the world

Korean designer Calhoun Park (Chulhun Park) and the manufacturer of luxury yachts Palmer Johnson revealed details about the project’s 229-metre mega yacht Valkyrie, reports the Daily Mail.

Imagine: Valkyrie length exceeds the length of two football fields or of equal length chains of 24 buses parked end-to-end! The loss of the “Titanic” is just 40 metres away.

Man-made Leviathan is designed for 52 of the 92 guest and crew member. On Board, in addition to the restaurant and theatre, has planned a casino and an art gallery.

The vast machine it is quite fast and capable of speeds of 25 knots.

“Project Valkyrie was my thesis work received the support of the Palmer Johnson during training at the Royal College of art in London. It took eight months. When I decided to become a designer, I noticed that most boats are white and stacked in tiers like wedding cakes. So I was determined to design a unique boat that would stand out against the rest of the fleet,” says Calhoun Park.

It is reported that, despite several interesting offers, the contract is still not signed, and therefore it is unknown whether Valkyrie ever built.

If the project is yet to materialize (in aluminum and carbon fiber, as conceived by the Creator), this boat will be the largest private ship ever launched. The cost of the “Valkyrie” corresponds to its enormous size — say about $800 million.

The viability of the ambitious project raises serious concerns not only because of the dimensions and approximate prices. So, Calhoun Park positioned “Valkyrie” as public domain.

“Most people think of the yacht is the exclusive property of billionaires who want to boast of their wealth,” noted the designer.

Calhoun Park wants his offspring as a floating entertainment center.

We will remind that today the undisputed champion in terms of length remains the yacht Azzam, owned by the Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan (Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan), the ruler of the United Arab Emirates. Giant 180 meters, the Azzam is also not a joke.

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