Interview by C. A. Egorychev, Director of the Department of exhibition projects “Crocus Expo”

Sergey Egorychev — Director of the Department of special exhibition projects of the IEC “Crocus Expo”, the first Deputy General Director of LLC “BuildExpo”, the General developer of IEC “Crocus Expo”, member of the Board of the self-regulating organization “Union of exhibition developers.” For many years Sergey has been the curator of industry leading projects, taking place in the largest international exhibition centre “Crocus Expo”, including ProMediaTech, “ROADEXPO”, MIOF, “Hrinterax” Moscow Boat Show “Interavto”, “Territory of hunting, fishing, tourism” etc. Has many years of experience and expertise in the conduct and organization of Congress and exhibition events, international forums and conferences. Is a specialist and expert in the industry of the construction. Takes an active part in the development of uniform standards and standardization of exhibition construction in Russia.


Today the yacht business in our country is gaining momentum. A growing number of lovers of water expanse and fans of competitions by water kinds of sports, consequently, increases the demand for boating equipment. There is a growing interest in the industry as a whole. Commercial prospects of water tourism development attract the attention of both Russian and foreign investors.

The project “Moscow boat Show” was truly significant for the industry event, a platform for business meetings, professional communication, experience exchange, signing contracts.

This year, the “Moscow boat Show” will be held for the 12th time! The Director of the Department of special exhibition projects of the IEC “Crocus Expo” Sergey Egorychev has told about history of creation of the project, its prospects of development and efficiency.

  • Sergey, tell, please, how the idea of the event. I would like to know about the history of such a project “Moscow boat Show”.

In early 2008, in Moscow there were several projects thematic areas “boats and yachts”. Working on several events in a year – energy-consuming, and unprofitable in the financial plan. Plus, the high cost of participation did not add to the attractiveness of the situation. Our main idea at that time was to create Moscow’s only major exhibition events available to exhibitors prices. Thus, the “Crocus Expo” with the support of large companies of the yachting industry and started leading the future industry project – “Moscow boat Show”.

  • What is its mission today?

Just imagine: at the same venue in the same period of time, you can find all the best from the world of yachting. It’s a great platform for presenting the latest industry opportunities and developments, business meetings and professional communication. We as organizers try to improve the informational support of the sector and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs of the yachting business, to popularize sailing among the population – this is the main mission of the project.

  • What do you think, what is the situation in the yachting industry as a whole?

The situation in the industry right now is not easy. However, it should be noted that a small reduction in the size of the stands had no effect on the number of participants. Approximately 80% of loyal exhibitors – companies annually participating in the project, became our “fair family.” Can not but rejoice that in the last two years we began to get back the “whales” of the yachting industry with interesting models of boats and yachts.

  • What, in your opinion, the “Moscow boat Show 2019” will differ from previous events? Why is it special?

First and foremost, of course, the content of the exhibition, a large number of foreign participants. In 2019 – by the way, this was not more than 6 years, the exhibition will feature a very impressive lineup. Lift the veil of secrecy: one of the exhibits is the yacht Galeon 500 FLY 50 feet, or, for example, a 55-foot Azimut Flybridge 55!

  • “Moscow boat Show” annually held in “Crocus Expo”, which is the organizer of the event. Could you say a few words about the priorities of the organizer?

Team “Crocus Expo” organizers of the “Moscow boat Show” – the professionals. In addition, the exhibition complex provides all the conditions for carrying out a project of this scale meets all European standards of volume, infrastructure and design. Therefore, the event differs from other exhibitions of similar subjects held in Russia.

It is worth noting that we are striving to facilitate the exhibitors all stages of the exhibition, and prices for participation are available to almost any company on the market. Due to the unique exposure opportunities and favorable conditions, “Moscow boat Show” – is not just a platform to showcase products industry, but also a full-fledged complex business project.

  • Talk about the target audience. For whom are you doing your event? Who are your potential visitors? Who are you waiting for most and why? From your point of view, what feature of the yacht market in Russia? What distinguishes it from overseas?

In the Russian market of yachts there the first year, but, nevertheless, it is still in its formative stages. We have almost no proper conditions of operation of the yacht and infrastructure, while water and river scenery in the country a lot. Abroad the picture is quite different. In General, we have to go!

  • How will be built? Any activity in the framework of the business program will be implemented? Whether it’s the classic conference: presentations and audience, or You suspect other formats?

The format of the show involves not only a demonstration of industry novelties and different models of water transport, but also an extensive business program, as well as various entertainment events.

On the “Moscow boat Show” annually held events of various formats: round tables, seminars, lectures, thematic sessions, presentations of participants, meetings with representatives of public authorities, the performance of the pupils of the sailing schools and other water sports.

Simultaneous integration of a large number of specialists allows to identify common problems of the yacht industry and to offer variants of their real-world solutions in the framework of accompanying events with participation of leading market players and representatives of controlling organizations. 2019 is no exception, professionals and experts will traditionally discuss the development of yachting in Russia, adaptation of international experience. Logistics, design, regattas and Charter – all relevant topics this year.

  • Let’s talk a little about numbers. That you as the organizers of the most important in the success of the event? Mostly worried about now in preparation?

First and foremost, it is important for us to have achieved their goals received from the exhibition the expected result. Of course, it is an indication that we are moving in the right direction and do everything right.

As for the worry, its not. Although now begins one of the most tedious periods of training, because before the event quite a few times.

  • It is known that “Moscow boat Show” is a Russian equivalent of the largest international yacht shows. What’s the feature of the event, based on what the interest of the professional industry audience?

Yes, our event is really an analogue to the major international exhibitions. But it is worth noting that the “Moscow boat Show” is the only Russian major project in the confined space of the given subject with a loyal pricing policy. It attracts a professional audience from all over the world.

  • How will you assess the effectiveness of the intervention upon its completion? This question is not even about financial results, but rather about the satisfaction that the exhibition was held.

Evaluation will be based on the number of visitors to the manifestation of their interest in the “Moscow boat Show” as a whole, and the degree of satisfaction of participants of the exhibition: the number of lucrative contracts and advanced purchases. We can say that our exhibition is a mirror reflecting the state of the yachting industry in Russia. And to date, the annual increase in the number of exhibitors from Russia and foreign countries showed positive dynamics of development of the event and the industry as a whole.

  • Thanks for the interview!

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