On the pedestal “Warriors” and “Pirogovo”

May 27, 2019

      On the pedestal "Warriors" and "Pirogovo"
      Only four races were held in Puntaldii on the island of Sardinia, where the second stage of the European Division of the World League in the Melges 20 yacht class was completed.

On the pedestal "Warriors" and "Pirogovo"

Recall, before the starts on Sunday, in the sum of three races, there were “Russian bogatyrs” ahead of Igor Rytov – 12 points. At the same time, the Argentinean Boogie 2.0 skipper Pierluigi Rombelli had the same amount.

The wind yesterday in Puntadilla was extremely weak, so, no matter how hard they tried, they managed to carry out only one race. Boogie 2.0 took the third place in it – and, thus, won the regatta (15 points), since the “Bogatyrs” finished only seventh in the race (19).

At the same time, another Russian team went up to the third step of the podium – Pirogovo Alexander Yezhkov (24 points).

As we have already reported, 23 crews took part in the regatta, which ended in Sardinia.

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