In the golden fleet of our 12 teams


      In the golden fleet of our 12 teams
      Maria Andrey Andrei Malygina takes third place in the European Championship in the class J / 70, which continues on Lake Garda in Italy.

In the golden fleet of our 12 teams

According to the results of two racing days and 6 races held by the Malygin team (Alexey Borisov, Andrei Kirilyuk, Leonid Klepikov) 25 points (with one release), revenues 4 – (17) – 1 – 9 – 9 – 2.

Ahead of Russians is the Spanish Marnatura 1 Luis Bugallo – 14 points and the British Eat, Sleep, J, Paul Ward Repeat – 22.

We remind that 127 crews from 23 countries take part in the championship. At the end of two racing days, a division into gold and silver fleets occurred. In addition to Maria, 10 more teams under the Russian flag entered the gold:

10. Akhmat (Alexander Bozhko) – 42 points;

28. RUS83 (Alexander Yezhkov) – 77;

31. ArtTube (Valeria Kovalenko) – 83;

32. MSailing – CSKA (Mikhail Poslamovsky) – 84;

36. Kotyara (Oleg Evdokimenko) – 95;

43. Joyful (Denis Cherevatenko) – 108;

48. New Territories (Alex Semenov) – 114;

51. Zid art Sailing Team (Zoran Paunovich) – 116;

53. Jane (Dmitry Tretyakov) – 118;

57. Dolce Vita (Inna Balashova) – 125.

In addition, Amais Sailing Team is in 42nd place – a completely Russian team with skipper Sergey Lobrovolsky, but under the flag of Cyprus.

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