No protest has not done


      No protest has not done
      According to the press center of the yacht club "Seven Feet", another evening race took place as part of the Vladivostok Cup regatta among the Platu 25 and Conrad 25 R class yachts. This session was distinguished by a dense fog, false starts in both classes and another protest.

No protest has not done

In the group Platu 25, three yachts made a false start at once – “Kino” (captain Ilya Ermakov), Led Zeppelin (captain Sergey Omelyanenko) and Nautilus (captain Mikhail Ermakov). Two yachts, according to the rules of sailing races, returned to the pre-launch zone and started anew, the Kino yacht continued the race, so its result was not counted.

Tight start provoked protests. On the very first tack, the leaders — Alice and Depeche Mode — had a controversial situation that required the intervention of a judge. The protest will be reviewed later.

In the Konradov group, two crews falsely launched – Ariel and Tango. For the last team, the race was fatal: the first yacht reached the finish mark, but this result was also not counted.

This race completed the second stage of the Vladivostok Cup regatta. According to the results of the two stages, excluding the analysis of the protests, the three leaders are as follows:

Platu 25: 1st place – Depeche Mode (captain Valery Dichenko), 2nd place – “Alisa” (captain Vladimir Ermakov), 3rd place – Metallica (captain Vyacheslav Seleznev).

"Konrad 25 P": 1st place – "Kamerton" (captain Sergey Shilakin), 2nd place – Twist (captain Dmitry Last), 3rd place – Disco, captain Diana Krylova.

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