In Mongolia – sail

To be honest, most of this building looks like a coffin with a sail. But should you mock? This thing last summer an American couple drove more than 300 kilometers through the Mongolian steppes!

In fact, the Falcon Riley – sailor. On his account, for example, the transition across the Pacific from San Francisco to GUAM. But, according to the website that and have shared this story, Riley was a childhood dream to be in Mongolia.

And finally, was together with his girlfriend amber ward. To travel they decided on this wagon sail (Riley built it last summer in Ulaanbaatar): length – 2 feet, width and a half. Mast height – 3 meters. Bring food for 6 weeks and a hundred liters of water. Slept there, in the wagon.

Design in appearance, needless to say, flimsy. Sometimes, broke. But Riley and ward full of optimism. Going next year to return to Mongolia to his already superior map “sail” to sail back to the endless steppe.

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