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Ended the next, already 16-th day of the race non-stop around the world 40-meter Maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 skipper Ian Stade Geoffroy-Guichard.

Team Spindrift 2 has passed since the start 11330 nautical miles and 16 days ahead of schedule trimaran IDEC-SPORT with a skipper Francis Guaiana that from 2017 owns the Jules Verne Trophy. But now, it is likely to have been a turning point.

On Wednesday, at 15.00 in Moscow Spindrift 2 advantage over your virtual opponent, we recall, was almost 360 nautical miles (or approximately 12 hours). But now, two days later, the old handicap like mysteriously disappeared – leaving only 29 miles (i.e. one hour), and even that is pathetic advantage continues to melt. And, quite likely, a few hours later Spindrift 2 will be lagging…

The amazing thing is that Guichard and Co. are on track with great speed – 33.6 per node for the last day. But IDEC-SPORT for the same 16-day race speed was higher than 36 knots! And so for several days. The Spindrift 2 is gradually melted.

Anyway, the voltage begins to exceed the limit. Before the next important milestone – the Cape Luwin in the South-West of Australia – slightly more than 30 hours of course. Who on that line will be the first?

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