Rolex Middle Sea Race 2018: our cheer!

Of the 130 boats, released at the start of the regatta, the race still 20. The main contenders for victory had already crossed the finish line, though the intrigue remains. Of the 12 Russian crew of 10 has already reached Malta, and we are able to congratulate them on a successful race and a preliminary assessment of their results. Although finishing boats from divisions 5 and 6 can still move the leaders in the final Protocol.

The winner last year is a yacht Bogatyr Igor Rytov, – takes the first place in the doubles division crews. As Rossko Timothy Zbankova, leading the IRC division 6. Also first place in the division ORC 1 takes Freccia Rossa Vadim Yakimenko.

In division 3 IRC Class 2 Belka Basil shumarina and Magic Twelve Alexander Rubtsov is a 7 and 11 positions.

In the IRC division a Class II YRCUS Sergei Moscow on the 12th place.

In the division of the IRC Class Gagarin, Alexey Moskvin, Jolou Sergey Senchenko and Jukebox Mikhail Voronov on the 15th, 17th and 23rd places.

In the division of the IRC Class 6 also acts Skipperclub Oleg Smirnov – he’s the 14th. Division in the ORC Class 6 under the Russian flag is L’aventure Nikolay Tokarev. Him to the finish line is less than 50 miles.

Can also to congratulate the successful finish of the crews of Dmitry Kondratyev (Kabestan Intuition) – 6th in IRC Class 6, and Yuri Fadeev (Kabestan Skylander) – 24th in IRC Class 5.

Unfortunately, Frogfoot Sergei Squirt was forced to go the distance. The boat to Palermo.

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