93-meter “jewelry box” from Feadship

Five years after the start of construction of one of the largest yachts in the Feadship story first saw the light. 93-meter yacht, code named Project 814 was taken from the construction workshop of the shipyard on the island of Kaag (South Holland). To the owner of the boat fall until the spring — after it will be equipped with balconies and additional lateral control stations.

Information about the project is scarce, but according to Feadship, their next creation “will set new standards of luxury”. Michael Leach Design and Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects devised an elegant and timeless design of the housing Project 814. Vertical stem and a large glass area reminiscent of another Feadship, the famous Venus of the founder of Apple Steve jobs. Interior Project 814, designed by Raymond Langton (Reymond Langton), at the shipyard described as “a beautiful modern jewelry box”.

The width of the housing Project 814 — 14,1 meters. On Board, owners will find the IMAX tall two-level deck, fully certified helipad with refuelling with aviation fuel, four VIP cabins, equipped with the latest TVs with a resolution of 8K. In addition, the Board will be everything to play a variety of sports including Golf, basketball, volleyball and football.

Production capacity Feadship to date, allow you to build yachts up to 100 meters. However, this threshold will soon be overcome: the new hangar, the construction of which began at Feadship in the last year, will increase the length of the yacht brand, and 160 meters. So in the short term, the 90-meter Feadship yachts, including Project 814, will lose their status as the largest.

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