The impending storm forced the participants GGR look for a safe haven

The participants of the round-the-world regatta single Golden Globe Race are struggling to get to Tasmania (Australia)where in the Harbor city of Hobart is a check-point, or at least to find another nearby enclosed Bay. The reason for such haste was the cyclone moving West right behind them. According to the forecast it will disperse the wind to 55, and wind gusts to 65-70 knots. The waves in this weather can reach 10-12 meters and higher.

Most of the problems bad weather can bring the Finnish party , Lahtinen Tapio (Tapio Lehtinen) that goes into the race in sixth place. The cyclone is literally on his tail, and to get to Tasmania, it didn’t seem to have time. Yes, and overgrown with shellfish bottom prevents his yacht Asteria Gaia 36 to go as fast as before. Fortunately, judging by the forecast, the ship will be on the periphery of the storm, but Lehtinen still have a difficult time.

Coming in third place Estonian Uku, Randmaa (Uku Randmaa), which has already passed Tasmania, and will soon say good-bye and New Zealand, too, can feel the echoes of the storm if the cyclone will have time to catch up with him on Saturday.

But the Briton Susie Goodall (Susie Goodall) and the American Kopar Istvan (Istvan Kopar), occupying fourth and fifth places in the standings respectively, are pressed against the Tasmanian coast. Kopar for two days — until Sunday morning — hiding in the Bay Southport Beach is 35 miles South of Hobart. Goodall at the same time, it is recommended to seek refuge in the city of Port Arthur, that some people, watching the news GGR in social networks, one called the Association of China Port Arthur and the heroic events of the Russo-Japanese war. The girl strongly demotivated. One of the last messages from her — “I just want to give up.”

Behind the main fleet, the Australian mark Sinclair (Mark Sinclair) and Russian Igor Zaretsky (seventh and eighth places in the race, respectively), apparently, can even a little happy with my position. Between them and Tapio Lehtinen about two to three thousand nautical miles, serious problems with the upcoming storm they should arise.

Against the background of these not very pleasant news funny looks “catastrophe” Dutchman Jean-Luc van den Heede (Jean-Luc van den Heede) still leading the race and already won somewhere half way to Cape horn (South America): he is very concerned due to the fact that during the roll crashed his favorite mug for Breakfast.

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