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The first sailing yacht with suffix “.1” has released an updated Beneteau Oceanis 41 that has turned into a 41.1 a few years later after the release of the Oceanis 41. This version cruising yacht came out with a fixed small bugs and comments. This strategy has become so popular that the French shipyard has decided to develop this line of production yachts updated on the basis of already designed buildings. Sailing yacht Oceanis 51.1 replaces the Oceanis 48 is the set of concepts and original solutions to case design.

Oceanis 51.1 is the fifth in the series of “.1” and offers three basic versions: the racing version is called the “First” cruising “Comfort” and a version of the day (daysailer) is “Easy”. They focus on three different market segment in a single case design. A very flexible concept of options allows each owner to almost completely customize the boat for themselves.

Good news

Three versions means that you can quickly determine for what purpose you intend to use the boat, based on your preferences and style of yacht management. The differences mainly relate to the interior and equipment. In all three versions of the mast with three rows of crespin, installed on the deck, differences in the length of the mast and lees corps. Standard mast height from the waterline 21 m, but it is possible to install an elongated mast, which increases sail area by 35%. Standard draft 2.30 m, with a short keel – 1.85 m. and racing version of the draught 2.80 m.

The version “Easy” (daysailer) autotaxin and twist of the mainsail in the mast makes the boat very simple and easy to handle alone. In the version “Comfort” attached the lower shrouds D1, two winches, the arch of the fixing block of the boom-sheet, beds on either side of the entrance to the salon and grill in cockpit. Version First offers carbon or aluminum rigging, advanced winch and deck equipment, hydraulic aftersteg and composite steering wheels.

Stopper for rigging located on the sides of the cockpit so that during operation the sails with the winch it was possible to simultaneously monitor the staysail. This is a very significant improvement over the previous models Beneteau when you turn the winch and had no idea what was happening with the sail. Composite bowsprit extends the hull and also allows you to minimize the bumps anchors about the case during his performances.

There’s no lack of places for sunbathing. Two large sun beds at the entrance to the cabin on the roof of the wheelhouse and a large bow deck is perfectly suitable for this purpose. Grill in cockpit extends from the banks and you can stand on the aft platform to work with him. Sloop-beams are formed, when they are not needed.

A lot of smart decisions includes a folding footrest on the ground steering, a higher railing and a huge Bay, which has a Fischer Panda generator. For all versions, except for racing, the cockpit table is a real gift. It not only has large grab handles for easy movement in the cockpit, but stops for the legs that help during a roll, and there is a refrigerator and storage for liferaft.

A few “what were they thinking” parts

There are a few puzzling decisions on this boat. Compared to the huge cockpit table small steering console seem to be disproportionately small. On each is placed a 9-inch screen B&G MFD and there is very little free space.

Everything else depends on your feet, including engine, electric windlass, bow thruster and repeaters of the wind sensors. You will have to bend over every time to control the engine, not taking his eyes off of the nose of the yacht when docking.

And also too little space between the deck openings. On deck on the port side neck to fill the fresh water located just 4 inches from the neck to the pumping of sewage. The chances of getting dirty water in tanks for fresh water.

All the above problems are easily solvable. Large steering console, allows you to place all the necessary electronic navigation instruments and engine control, and the rest at a more comfortable height, small changes in the plumbing and done a new hole in the deck will spread the neck at a sufficient distance. Feedback from dealers, Beneteau will allow you to quickly correct the situation without any problems.

Life on Board

Long journey on Board the Oceanis 51.1 doesn’t sound like the lifestyle of camping. This boat is better equipped than most apartments. There is a version 5 cabins and 4 heads compartments, and optional bow cabin for the crew. On our boat, the interior layout 3 cabins and 2 WC. Fore owner’s cabin features a separate shower and toilet. In the aft located symmetrical double cabins.

U-shaped galley on portside is equipped with a two burner gas stove, refrigerator and lots of cabinets to store utensils and ingredients. Thanks to the u-shaped galley to wash dishes and prepare food on the go in the sea, avoiding acrobatic exercises.

Large chart table is opposite the front bulkhead in the cabin.

Deck hatches in salon and master cabin along with side Windows along the entire length of the hull make the interior bright and well lit. This also contributes to the new finish furniture “light oak”, which gives the texture and look of real wood. Also available mahogany finish (Mahogany) for those who love the darker aesthetics of a traditional yacht interior.

Inside there are not many hand rails. It certainly looks very nice, but not too practical. Distance from the entrance of the salon to the master cabin is large. The absence of handrails is good at boat shows, where they are invisible, but their absence is felt when on the deck blowing at 30 knots. On the other hand, the ladder to the room above and beyond. Wide, with a good bias stage surrounded by sturdy railings and out on the deck or down inside it will be very easy for the elderly, children and even Pets.

In the sea

After a delightful sea trials Oceanis 41.1 I was looking forward to when you can climb aboard this latest model Beneteau. Alas, the gods of wind this day was not with us. Weather has prepared for us a light breeze with wind of only 6 knots. But since Beneteau makes a very light body, in order to bring the boat in motion does not require too much effort. So even in this light breeze we were able to accelerate to 5 knots at 6.5 wind. When the displacement of nearly 14 tons of our Oceanis 51.1 easily dispersed by the slightest wind.

Under improved laminated sails Elvstrom we looked great, even if standing still. Autotaxin and Code 0, in my opinion, the best option of the sails on this boat. For riders there are options for carrying the sails, in order to squeeze the maximum speed.

Engine Yanmar 80 HP with Saildrive is standard, but our boat was equipped with an engine of 100 HP and in smooth water at speeds 3400 rpm we accelerated to 10.1 node. Reducing the engine speed to 2500 rpm speed was 9.7 knots, and even at 1000 rpm we were moving at a speed of 6.1 node. Joystick Dock&Go is easily accessible and connects the engine, bow thruster and autopilot. With such a system in a light breeze to moor a pleasure.

Standard fuel tank 200 l, perfect for a racing version, but not really suitable for long cruises. That’s why there is a possibility to double the amount of fuel on Board. Standard tank for fresh water 440 l, you can add another 330 L. and succeed in the amount of 770 l of fresh water on Board. With such a supply enough for everyone to naplesreta in the shower.

Lots of options

Rumor has it that the name of the updated line of “.1” appeared “on the napkin”, when, perhaps, creativity, Beneteau has not been at its peak. But in any case, this update definitely deserves attention with noticeable improvements and innovations.

The first version of the updated model sailing yacht Oceanis 51.1 under the guidance of new Director of marketing Gianguido Girotti is almost entirely based on the possible options in the selection of equipment for yachts. Four versions of the interior layout, five sailing plans, three kinds of Kiel and choose from more than 150 options to create about 700 possible options for configuration of this yacht. I suggest starting with the simplest and most basic options, and then everything will fall into place.


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