Interview with Elizaveta Kozlova, yacht designer

To count held the Russian-speaking designers working in the super yacht industry, enough fingers of one hand, but in recent years, the hope to increase their “population” takes the younger generation. Autumn at the Monaco Yacht Show, we met with Elizaveta Kozlova is a finalist of Young Designer of the Year Award in 2018, whose project was included in the collection Lürssen Concept Collection, and asked her how she came into this industry and makes her first steps.

Please tell us how was your journey in the yachting industry.

I was educated in Italy, at the Istituto Europeo di Design majoring in “Transportation design” and last year did his thesis project in collaboration with Lamborghini. Then I had the opportunity to take part in the annual competition of young designers, who conducts Boat International, in conjunction with Oceanco. My project called Artemis was in the top ten, and I was among the finalists. It gave me an incredible opportunity to showcase your work the best in the world of yacht design studios, including Design Winch and Reymond Langton Design, as well as to attend such major shipyards like Lürssen and Oceanco. Such events open serious prospects, and at one of the events Peter Larsen invited me to participate in the directory The Lürssen Concept Collection. So my second design project Aquila was included in this edition is presented on MYS 2018. In General, the past year has been a very successful and fruitful: it gave me a chance to work in a Reymond Langton Design, which I had joined on a six-month internship immediately after the exhibition in Monaco.

Peter Larsen, owner of Lürssen:
More than 140 years we have had the privilege to build ships of all shapes and sizes, ranging from wooden rowing boats at the dawn of our history to large motor yachts, are creating today. We are proud of what we do for our customers, and to respond to the needs of the market, has recently increased its production of motor yachts with a length of 55-75 metres. In the book Lürssen Concept Collection includes a variety of projects created by creative young designers, each of whom received the same task: to come up with a 62-foot yacht Lürssen, which will combine space for recreation, entertainment, meals and sleep. All technical specifications, including layout of the engine compartment, a garage for tenders and the number of people in the crew was also the same. We were surprised and pleased with the results of their innovative work, and we hope that the talent of these young designers will inspire you!

How did the work on a competitive project?

In fact, I learned about the competition quite late, and I only had a month and a half to develop the project. We were given technical platform and asked to make on its base the boat-Explorer with a design that no one has ever seen before. Since I am specialized in the design of cars, yachts I work with a distinctive and dynamic style, but I try to pay special attention to balanced elegant proportions. The jury of the contest consisted of 19 well-known designers, and I am very grateful to them for what they paid attention to my work. In General, this competition can be considered a full entry ticket to the superyacht industry. I am happy to know that Boat International, along with Lürssen, Oceanco and support are not limited by stereotypes of young designers.

Traditionally, the exterior design of the yacht — men’s path, whereas women are usually prone to interior design. In your case all the way around?

I am attracted to the design of dynamic objects, but the yacht is not only high-tech vehicle, but a place to live, luxury residence on the water, where the designer has the opportunity to create a unique atmosphere of coziness and comfort. And although I started as an exterior designer, at some point, I became interested in working on the project as a whole, including the interiors. One of the bonuses for the finalists — visit to shipyards, including those closed as Lürssen and Oceanco.

  • Sketch TEMPESTA CONCEPT CAR for Lamborghini, made as a graduation project with the participation of Elizabeth Gantry
    IED is a private Italian University founded in Milan in 1966 and has branches in nine cities, including Barcelona, Madrid and Sao Paolo. Annually on the 29th of courses in four areas visited by up to 10,000 students, and learning takes place in four languages. Full-time two-year masters program in Transportation Design aims to immerse the audience into the world of automotive design and to provide future designers innovative approach to the creation of external and internal image of the car. Read lectures and conduct master classes for students of the IED in the heart of the Italian automotive industry — Turin, where many successful industrial designers. The thesis in the form of candidates made full-scale models exhibited at the Geneva motor show. Sketch TEMPESTA CONCEPT CAR for Lamborghini, made as a graduation project with the participation of Elizabeth Gantry

What do you remember about these visits and what valuable advice you’ve received?

I’ve never been in the shipyards where they build superyachts. Because of confidentiality I can’t tell you about our visit to Lürssen, but I was incredibly impressed by these huge yachts under construction: I just didn’t expect to see what we showed. The program of the visit Oceanco included the presentation of our projects to a group of designers and managers. Their feedback was surprisingly positive, but most importantly — they are noted and appreciated our innovative ideas, highlighting the design elements that were not used and those that are already known. I think this was the most useful and interesting at the time.

How do you see your further development in this area, given the high competition among the designers?

Due from the University to the knowledge and in the process, in Reymond Langton Design I surely closer to understanding how to create and build yachts. I have a lot of interesting ideas, and I can’t wait to bring them to life, but as the world of superyachts, high-tech and very professional, I first need to gain experience, but it will take more than one year. Then have to decide whether to stay in large design firms or to start a solo career. The competition is certainly very high, but talented people identify immediately. I really hope someday one of my projects will be implemented and on its basis to build the yacht.

In General, I am extremely lucky that I immediately got into the company, which could not even dream of! To be a member of RLD incredibly interesting. Reymond Langton have a lot of projects, and being an Intern, I participated in all stages of development: make sketches, work in Photoshop, visit the construction of yachts and very thankful that I was actively involved in the work.

  • The Aquila project created by Elizabeth Gantry for collection of The Lürssen Concept Collection. It combines dynamic elegance and impressive looks that embody the future of Lürssen yachts

  • Project NACRE authorship Gauna is a relatively simple, classic profile and design, which can be traced Oriental aesthetics

  • The project HAKAN young designer, Francesco Conte is built around the idea of increasing the number of easily adaptable space on Board. Modular furniture allows guests to convert “beach club” area of 54 sqm open-air cinema and Jacuzzi located in an enclosed area so it can be used even in bad weather

  • The NEXT project created by Nicolo Piredda the evaluation preferences of a new generation of customers. Not the last role is played here by bright colors, interacting with one another materials and interactive technical solutions

Was it possible to achieve the same as you, living in Russia?

Since I’m not studying in Russia, it’s difficult to answer this question. Nevertheless, I believe that the best design schools are located in Italy. There are excellent teachers, good relations between universities and manufacturers, and in the process of studying, you receive the opportunity to collaborate with such companies, such as Lamborghini. In Italy, teach the true design that always begins with sketches made by hand.

  • Elizaveta Kozlova: “the Yacht is not only high-tech vehicle, but a place to live where you want to create an atmosphere of comfort”.

Text Anton Cherkasov-Nisman

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